TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

‘Long Island Medium’: I have an ‘amazing’ gift

Theresa Caputo, known as the Long Island Medium, has been on TLC for more than three seasons. She talks about the upcoming fourth season of her show.

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>>> also known as the long island medium has been channeling for loved ones across the u.s..

>> it returns for a fourth season this sunday. it features channeling a woman's grandmother.

>> she talked about rainbows, did she like the movie "the wizard of oz ."

>> oh, my god, oh my god, she sang " somewhere over the rainbow " to me every night of my life . we sang it together. when she said that i was mesmerized. no one knew that. she would never know that but it was shocking. you did me in. that's all i needed to hear. i'm good. i could go home.

>> there is more to life than here in the physical world . they are there and will be waiting for us.

>> teresa is here, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you are about to kick off season four. i'm a huge fan of the show and what you do i think is really, it seems like you bring some closure to some of these families.

>> thank you, i do. i have an amazing and beautiful gift.

>> and tell me about when you first signed on to the series did you expect you were going to be here season four and adding 30 episodes for this season?

>> i never thought in a million years. i thought i would do a couple of episodes. i was still booking appointments and i thought i was going to go on with my little life, you know.

>> by the way i hope you get paid by the episode and not by the season, because 30 episodes in a season, sorry, that's really two seasons you got there.

>> crazy, unbelievable.

>> it's very emotional, is it the hope that you're bringing them, is it the closure that you're bringing them?

>> for everyone it's different, and when i was told that i had this extraordinary gift i said look i want to use it to help people so i just want whoever i'm placed in the past the spirit needs to give a message i want the person to hear something from their loved ones that will give them the most peace and comfort to continue to embrace life without them and that's it.

>> you encounter all your skeptics as well and people say what is this really all about.

>> absolutely.

>> explain how it works. we're in a crowded studio, lots of people around.

>> um-hum.

>> do you see spirits around, is that what usually happens? do they come to you?

>> first of all i say to the skeptics, you know, look, it is what it is. come and witness and speak to the people that have had the experience with me and i just start to sense and feel things, you know it happened before i came out onto the set.

>> where were you, in the green room ?

>> no, i was right here.

>> right here by the camera.

>> what did you feel or see?

>> i felt there was a mother presence and then we started talking about lost jewelry and things like that with one of your staff members.

>> all right, i'm standing around here, anybody connecting with lost jewelry.

>> did somebody lose a mother with lost jewelry?

>> she was here, yeah we already spoke.

>> oh, okay. what if there's bad news, what if you sense something and talking to a spirit, they connect with you and they're not happy with that person you're standing next to, do you then deliver the bad news or do you bury it?

>> i always just say i only want the highest good of all concerned. i only want information that is going to help the person. if it's something we can prevent or help then fine but we always have to deliver messages with love and liberty.

>> teresa caputo --

>> look at those nails you need a set of those. you could scoop ice cream with those nails, incredible.

>> teresa caputo thank you so much. the season kicks off sunday may 12th on tlc.