TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Best summer travel deals and destinations

The weather is heating up, which means it’s time to think about summer vacation. Kate Maxwell of shares some top summer destinations at pre-summer prices, including Hawaii, Jamaica, and Quebec.

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>>> now to "today's travel" this morning hot summer deals at pre-summer prices. kate maxwell, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> a lot of people booking their vacations, some locked in good deals. is it too late?

>> it's not too late. my advice is to travel earlier in the season because the prices peak after july 4th and dip again after labor day and another tip is to go during the week if you can because you'll find cheaper prices for flights and hotels.

>> let's get to great destinations you found, starting off with the northeast, beautiful newport, rhode island , o what are the best places to see?

>> it's one of the prettiest towns in america. we like 41 north, it's kind of classic new england hotel on the outside but modern on the inside, they have a really good deal at the moment if you go between sunday and thursday, it's $229 a night and it's their harbor tour package, includes 30-minute yacht tour of the harbor.

>> lots of great attractions there as well. beautiful homes.

>> you've got to do a tour of the gilded aged mansions and lots of sailing and great food as well.

>> second destination, lanai, hawaii. we're going to hawaii about a week or so from now for the show but why?

>> it is the less inhabited island so it's only nine miles from maui and the four seasons inland has $249 a night when you book three nights.

>> that's amazing.

>> a stunning property and used to be covered with pineapple plantations so it's wild, offroading and hiking.

>> destination three, jamaica and a lot of people may think caribbean may be risky to book summertime with hurricane season . do you have to worry about that?

>> not particularly really for jamaica. they tend to get off lightly. the last two weeks of september are good to avoid but we've picked somewhere that is going to be cooler at strawberry hill in the blue mountains , gorgeous property with great history, owned by the founder of island records so bob marchly and bono have stayed there.

>> fourth destination, montreal, quebec, if you want a little bit of france but not having to go to france.

>> exactly.

>> get that french experience.

>> if you love culture, want to speak french, good food, and the grand prix and the jazz festival, the sofitel costs $200 a night and the fourth night is free.

>> that's a good deal. kate maxwell thanks so much. get in on the deals now.

>>> coming up speaking of deals