TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

What’s the social media etiquette for weddings?

Wedding season is in full swing, and Amber Harrison, wedding and etiquette maven at Wedding Paper Divas, is here to share the ins and outs of social media for guests watching their friends walk down the aisle.

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>> amber harrison is the wedding and etiquette maven and good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> first of all, every wedding . guest seems to have a smartphone and it's a great way to share pictures.

>> it is and the average wedding guest is sharing 22 photos. you multiply that by 100 guests, instantly a lot of photos to manage. theknot and newlyweds websites are great ways to collaborate and get the photos together.

>> if you love twitter using a hashtag can pull all of the different photos together. explain how that works.

>> absolutely. you can set up a wedding hashtag ahead of time. if you'd like to do it, the key is to communicate to your guests early and often.

>> we'll talk about some of the etiquette involved in tweeting during the ceremony. is it okay now to respond to a wedding invitation and rsvp via e-mail or should you do the traditional card?

>> there are many ways to rsvp. the traditional response card is not the only way. you can respond online or via an app. the important thing is to follow the instructions.

>> say you get the invitation, so excited and think i'm going to take a picture of the invitation and post it on facebook , good idea?

>> the best idea is to take a cue from the couple on this one. if they are sharing tons of their wedding details on the social channels, chances are it's okay for to you join the conversation.

>> you don't want to necessarily put it on automatic click because what if there are others on facebook not invited.

>> exactly.

>> taking photos at the wedding , there are dos and don'ts. we'll show some of the don'ts. give us your basic rules that you follow.

>> absolutely. i think one of the things you want to be, if you take photos at the wedding ceremony you really need to be aware of your surroundings

>> here is an example.

>> a perfect example she's so focused on getting the shot she's in the way of the wedding forever.

>> what about that one?

>> also here, ipads can be tricky, a great way to capture photos but they are big and distracting.

>> sometimes it's good you might get a great shot which some groomsmen it's a cute shot.

>> this is a totally different story, planned ahead by the groomsmen who are all photographers and the groom is a photographer and when the bride saw this, she saw it after the wedding it was a surprised and she cherishes this photo because it shows the personality of the bride and groom.

>> we are a out of time but quickly you should be in the moment, not doing facebook and twitter during the entire wedding .

>> it's an honor to be invited so take a moment to be there and celebrate that couple.

>> amber harrison great to have