TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Brides turn to Internet to design budget weddings

From Pinterest to Etsy, brides on tight budgets are increasingly going digital to help match their bridal dreams with their wallets. NBC’s Amna Nawaz reports.

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>> the size is perfect.

>> reporter: with her wedding weeks away, floret needs a dress that won't break the bank .

>> yes. which brought her to this bridal boutique where the prices start at just $100, almost all from the diy design site etsy.

>> i think the web probably had 90% to do with me starting my business. almost every one i found online.

>> reporter: in fact, more brides these days are going digital to help match their bridal dream with their budget. 59% of brides use sites like pinterest, facebook and instagram for inspiration. 68% use technology to text or post videos during dress fittings, and 61% download wedding apps to help keep plans in place.

>> she has a great amount of platforms and places to go to find inspiration and quickly share it and organize it.

>> because we're in love and weddings are pretty.

>> reporter: ashley and noel are so budget conscious they started planning before they get engaged.

>> trying to get a head start on the plan so long we have time to pay things off and what we want. you have decoration and colors.

>> reporter: they use pinterest to gather ideas asking guests to help build playlists on spotify instead of paying for a dj, even studying an online tutorial how to make paper flowers for the wedding.

>> to make flowers you might spend $1,000 on. obviously we're going to do different things. you might lose your sanity. i'm so in love with you

>> reporter: before noel has even popped the question. what's the time line ?

>> in september i said we'll be engaged within a year. how sweet it is to be loved by you

>> reporter: leaving plenty of time to plan and save for the big day . for "today," ana navaz, nbc news, silver spring , inned md.