TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Prince Harry: Mom would be ‘proud’ of charity work

Prince Harry began his weeklong tour of the U.S. at the White House for an event with military mothers and children and at a celebratory dinner where he said Princess Diana would be “so proud” of his association with HALO, a landmine clearance charity. NBC’s Ben Fogle reports.

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>>> back now at 8:11. prince harry has a packed schedule today, day two of his u.s. tour after he wowed people at the white house and on capitol hill to kick off his trip. nbc special correspondent ben fozell joins us.

>> good morning. prince harry mixed up the day with his devotion to charity, ability to have fun and showed a special relationship between britain and here is as strong as ever. brins harry began his week-long u.s. tour to visit the nation's capitol to the delight of female admirers on the hill. the prince did come for official business meeting with senator john mccain to promote the work of the halo trust a charity focused on removing land mines around the world.

>> it's a legacy prince harry openly admitted along with william he wants to continue.

>> reporter: even the senator from arizona seemed caught up in the excitement.

>> actually there's a dinner at the british embassy which i'm sure will be a wild and raucous affair.

>> reporter: first one more stop for prince harry at the white house , joining first lady michelle obama . he has great respect for those serving in the armed forces but it was harry's natural ability to connect with children that caught the first lady's attention.

>> moms, hold tight, you get a couple of minutes, free babysitting.

>> reporter: wrapping up day one a celebratory dinner where the prince thanked one of the people who inspired his passion for philanthropy, his mother.

>> my mother, who believed passionately in this cause would be so proud of my association with halo and in her special way she adopted it as her own.

>> reporter: the prince, sometimes known for his partying ways, this day showing off his devotion to charity. today the prince will visit arlington national cemetery and walter reed hospital before traveling to the warrior games in colorado for injured soldiers. the main focus of his trip is his devotion to the military.

>> you'll be following him along.

>> i'm heading up to colorado later today . amazing.

>> ben fogle , thanks so much.