TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Turkish prime minister: Syria used chemical weapons

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan told NBC News’ Ann Curry “it’s clear” that Syria has used chemical weapons and said “we want the United States to assume more responsibilities.”

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>>> there are new claims this morning that chemical weapons have been used in syria . nbc's ann curry is in istanbul this morning where she spoke exclusively to the prime minister of turkey . ann, good morning to you.

>> all right, savannah, thank you, good morning, everyone. paving the way for his meeting with president obama next week, turkey's influential prime minister erdogan told us syria crossed the line on chemical weapons long ago.

>> translator: it is clear the regime has used chemical weapons , missiles.

>> reporter: can you tell us how dangerous these weapons have been to civilian populations?

>> translator: different types of missiles, and then there are deaths caused by these missiles and there are burns, serious burns in chemical reactions .

>> reporter: has president assad crossed president obama 's red line ?

>> translator: a long time ago. my question is, the united nations , u.n. security council , are you doing what you are supposed to do? why do you exist in the first place? what is your job? i mean, is there a deadline like they are not going to move until 1 million people were killed?

>> reporter: will you encourage president obama to get involved directly in the situation in syria ?

>> translator: we want the united states to assume more responsibility and take further steps.

>> reporter: what is the just punishment for mr. assad in your view, what is your message to him today at this moment in history?

>> translator: well i am saying that he should leave syria immediately. sooner or later , the opposition are going to get him, and i hope that his end does not be like gadhafi.

>> reporter: that reference to moammar gadhafi who was killed by his own people. he said his government is sharing intelligence. the white house responded to his interview with us saying it is not yet have the evidence to say for certain whether the red line on chemical weapons has been crossed. now back to you, savannah.

>> ann curry in istanbul, thank you.