TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Police: Ohio kidnap suspect ‘shows no remorse’

Ariel Castro, the man accused of keeping three women captive in his home for over a decade, made his first court appearance for his arraignment yesterday, and authorities say he described himself as unable to “control his impulses. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports and NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom comments.

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>>> we have new developments this morning on the kidnapping case in cleveland and what the suspect is allegedly telling police about those abductions. jeff rossen is "today's" national investigative correspondent good morning to you.

>> rickey: good morning to you, ari "today's" national investigative correspondent good morning to

>> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. he is on suicide watch but sources say he is talking to police and overnight we got the details of his chilling confession. ariel castro in court thursday, silent but behind closed doors he had plenty to say. in his police interrogation he talked about himself, the three girls he's accused of kidnapping and raping and who he blames for it. law enforcement sources tell affiliate wkyc castro described himself as cold blooded and addicted to sex, that he couldn't control his impulses. the sources say castro gave investigators exacting detail about the abductions, down to what michelle , amanda and gina were wearing when we took them. castro appeared cocky during questioning the sources say, showing no no remorse, saying he expected to be caught because he had no exit plan . prosecutors now considering going for the death penalty .

>> based on the facts i fully intend to seek charges for each and every act of sexual violence, all his attempted murders and each act of aggravated murder he committed by terminating pregnancies.

>> rickey: police sources say ariel castro wrote a suicide note in 2004 saying he endured physical abuse as a child, in that same note he blames the girls for their own abductions, that they were the ones who got into his car in the first place. castro 's mother speaking out thursday. "i have a son who is sick," she said, "i ask for forgiveness." castro 's friend ricky, who visited the house you've been in the house several times.

>> yep.

>> rickey: have you heard screaming any indication girls were living there?

>> no.

>> rickey: he says the front door was heavily secured with five to six locks.

>> when you tried to leave the house? now it is ariel castro locked up, held on $8 million bond. this morning we are getting new information about the victims, too, all of them, all three girls keeping a low profile which of course is to be expected, this he haven't come outside. michelle is recovering in the hospital. amanda and gina back home with their families, sleeping in their own beds and homes for the first time in a decade and we're told over at gina 's house all she wanted is pizza.

>> jeff rossen , thank you. lisa bloom is "today's" legal analyst. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> let's talk about this potential of aggravated murder charges presumably for the unborn fetus or fetuses of michelle knight. ohio applies homicide to the earliest stages of pregnancy, is that correct?

>> that's right. the prosecution would have to show this was an unwanted termination of pregnancy against the mother's consent, aggravated murder and subject to the death penalty in ohio.

>> does this complicate the prosecution of this case? we know there are rape and kidnapping charges and the testimony of three surviving witnesses, these women. does a murder charge make it more challenging for the prosecutor?

>> it does, because the kidnapping and rape charges are clear. this could be litigated. cosay he didn't do it. there may not be a lot of medical evidence to substantiate the forced terminations.

>> a, ariel castro is talking to investigators and did provide confession there's word about perhaps a suicide note that makes some admissions. are there any circumstances in your mind in which prosecutors might offer or accept some kind of a plea deal ?

>> the only situation i can think of, savannah, is if the three victims just say we want to be done with this, give him life in prison without the possibility of parole. we don't want to go through a trial. we want to restart our lives. in that situation the prosecutor i could see would say okay we'll give you a plea deal .

>> thank you very much.

>> thank you.