TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Send greeting cards using your smartphone

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off an app called JustWink where you can create and send greeting cards using your smartphone, and another app where you can scan barcodes while shopping to find the cheapest deals and coupons.

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>>> cool apps on websites.

>> you've got two free ones and we love free apps.

>> with mother's day on sunday, i've got a free app called just wink. this is a greetings card that you can send on the go. so first up you can see this is a really visual app that shows you all the categories you can send a card for. so i'm going to send mother's. typically an e-card can be impersonal but they let you personalize it. let's pick a random card. it allows you to upload a picture, put a little note. this is the cool part. you can sign it.

>> oh!

>> we need to work on the penmanship.

>> this was my sloppy one. but you can also send it via text, e-mail or social media of any kind. if you're upping it and going to get a gift too, this is the red laser free app. it's a scanning thing. this one i love. so it offers you the scan. let me grab my --

>> cheerios.

>> because that's a go-to on my shopping list . now, it will load that. it will show you in the area where you can get the best deals for the cheer yioscheerios.

>> you're getting your mother cheerios for mother's day?

>> it also shows you all the different places you can get it, where you get your best deal.

>> that will be some store's worst nightmare. it forces competition, which i love.

>> if you don't have a scan, just go to where you're standing right now and it will show you all the shops in the area that are doing discounts and sales.

>> you take your app to a store and say this is what it is.

>> if you're going to a store that matches price, take this in.