TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Hoda makes Maxim’s Hot 100 list!

Dan Bova from Maxim reveals the magazine’s Hot 100 list where Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Rihanna are among the picks – along with TODAY’s very own Hoda Kotb, who thought it was a joke when she first found out!

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>>> the wait is over.

>> i've lost sleep over this.

>> we are about to find out which sexy celebs made "maxim's" coveted hot 100 .

>> who could it be? there's big surprises this year, so let's get right to it. ben bova is maxim's editor in chief.

>> what have i walked into here?

>> you never know.

>> 100 is a lot of people.

>> i can barely count that high.

>> did you have to whittle it down from a bigger group?

>> yes. we put up about 150 names online and we encourage our readers to vote in. we got eight million votes for this.

>> how old is the average reader?

>> in their 20s. but eight million --

>> so their brains are not fulfilled yet either. all right.

>> so we did hear from miley early. she tweeted --

>> what?

>> yeah. it all came out. were you disappointed? because she said she's on the cover.

>> she's number one she said.

>> i'm here to confirm that yes, indeed, miley cyrus is this year's hot 100 number one.

>> let's see.

>> well, you see it up there.

>> why is it in a plastic bag?

>> because it's a secret that's not really a secret anymore.

>> not any longer.

>> but premature tweeting affects all of us. she tweeted out her picture, she let the world know she's excited. we're excited to have her, so it's all good.

>> why did you guys pick her?

>> as i said, this was a vote. she got an avalanche of votes. but as well as any time this woman cuts her hair, whenever she releases a video of herself twerking -- do you guys twerk?

>> every day. it's good for my sacroiliac.

>> what is it?

>> i have no idea.

>> i would google it. it got eight billion hits. everything she does --

>> we're not doing enough twerking.

>> what other people made the list?

>> there are a lot of notable people on the list. one of them was actually an invisible person. manti te'o's girlfriend.

>> the invisible girlfriend. she's number 69 .

>> we have an exclusive picture of her at the beach.

>> she looks great.

>> she looks amazing. never has an imaginary person besides snuffleupagas made the list.

>> i was surprised by another one, but delighted.

>> who?

>> number 79 was miss hoda kotb .

>> what?

>> yes. you are number 7 -- not in that dress.

>> is that a joke?

>> no, it's not. you're number 79 , hoda. yes! you're on the list, baby.

>> is this a joke?

>> it's no joke.

>> you just should have been higher up is the way i see it. look at that.

>> oh, my gosh! i have never -- thank you. what's your name? thank you.

>> you can wait for her in her dressing room, okay? thank you very much.

>> thank you very much. i appreciate it, thank you.

>> yes, go chill that. she likes it right after the show.

>> i think that should last you through the rest of the show, but i'm not