TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Abercrombie & Fitch: For skinny women only?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch appearing to target only slim customers by offering no pants above a size 10 and shirts no bigger than large for women.

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>> it's thirsty thursday. it's dreary and a little drizzly around mehere, may 9th , but we have a song in our heart.

>> we are full of sunshine.

>> how are you? are you doing well?

>> i'm good. your cards match your dress? oh, my god! it is almost a perfect --

>> a tad off.

>> so you were busy yesterday because you were reunited with your old lover. and it feels so good

>> they called us both and you said politely no, they don't want me and that's not true.

>> " access hollywood live" wanted you.

>> they're doing their show here right across the street. they said would you come by and surprise regis. so what am i going to do? i love the reg man, so we went.

>> she's doing so great with hoda. i can't even get her name right. i love her, she's great. they're great together.

>> see what she used to do for him?

>> i need to step up my game.

>> this is a great lead-in for your show.

>> yeah.

>> they're getting stronger all the time.

>> the titans of tv and we just ride their wave.

>> we love the coat tail.

>> kathie lee was really one among -- well, it was a year and a half of other co-hosts before you wormed your way in.

>> i slept my way in, and you know it.

>> just keeping it straight, keeping it straight. it was a lot of fun. i think we'll have a little news to tell you about in a week or two about billy bush and kit and me and you. it will be fun. we're going to do it later.

>> so who wants to be a millionaire? that's another show --

>> a million doesn't go as far as it used to be.

>> meredith vieira is -- was hosting it and we were on during that time. we played for a charity, a children's charity.

>> the children's miracle network's hospital.

>> it's airing tonight -- or tomorrow. let's watch.

>> so have you had something to drink? of course you have.

>> you know what, that's really none of your business, meredith.

>> i can smell it.

>> but that's brussel sprouts , okay? let's just remind you of all the time you went boozing with us.

>> cops and robbers, an old married couple, meat and potatoes, kathie lee and hoda.

>> wait. two friends who can't stop fighting.

>> it wouldn't be cops and robbers. wouldn't be meat and potatoes.

>> on old married couple.

>> but they're two friends.

>> i think it would be d.

>> we're in stereo. we think it's b, an old married couple, final answer.

>> yes, it is.

>> you're going to have to wait and see how much money we won, but it was a whole lot.

>> and we weren't as stupid as we thought. we were worried.

>> we love meredith, we wanted to do it.

>> i love game shows for that reason.

>> there's another one pretty soon.

>> we have a lot of secrets we can't reveal. anyway, i want to say thank you to everybody on facebook who realized that i don't know how to feed blake properly, because i told you i was having trouble. i fill the bowl up --

>> 400 or so people.

>> i fill the bowl up, put it down and he looks at me like and. so i pick it up and pretend to eat it with a spoon. whenever i eat something, he wants it. he looks at me, i put a little juice in the spoon and he licks it. everyone said stop doing that.

>> coddling him.

>> but they have other suggestions of how to make him like the dog food . they say to add things into it. like --

>> that he can't separate out. he is cute, i've got to say.

>> they say to add in cheese or scrambled eggs or rice.

>> protein, chicken.

>> sometimes i add baby food in it or some of the canned stuff. they told me to put baby food in it, that it was good. he likes it. i mix it all in there. but you said --

>> leave it there and when he's hungry, he'll eat.

>> and some other person, who's like a shrink, said it's a control issue and blake does it because he can get all of your attention focused on him.

>> so put the bowl down and walk away.

>> leave. do you have trouble with the dogs eating or your dogs just eat?

>> maybe. here's the trouble, once you start feeding them your food, they will never want -- why would they? they're not stupid.

>> so you feed them table food.

>> bambino sits in my lap and eats out of my dish.

>> he does?

>> christine thinks so. no, it's not quite that bad but it's sorta that bad.

>>> if you've ever been to an abercrombie and fitch , i don't know if you noticed this but if you looked through the racks of clothing, you might find out that there is not a bigger size than a 10.

>> which is not considered big. i think the average size for a woman in america is 14.

>> here's the biggest size they carry in jeans. okay, that's it. so if you're bigger than that --

>> i don't think i could fit in that.

>> i know i couldn't.

>> i know i don't wear a 10.

>> well, they're trying to keep the -- it sounds like they don't want the business of the bigger folks, of the bigger --

>> or they're trying to make it elite and most of their buyers are kids, right, they're teenagers. the beef that i've had with ann abercrombie and fitch all these years is the sexploitation to me in their ads.

>> well, they carry the smaller sizes for women, the 10s and lower and the xxls for men.

>> they want the athletes. let us know what you all think about that. we did reach out to them and they did not return our calls.

>> but in 2006 , the companies ceo who we have a picture of was quoted as saying they hire good-looking people in the store to attract good-looking people. they try to target all sizes. if you don't alienate anyone, you don't excite anyone. let's take a look at him again, shall we, just for fun? bless you. it looks like he's sneezing.

>> yeah. ever since he said that in 2006 , it also confirmed that i didn't want -- yeah.

>> you go to walmart and say hi, how ya doing, come on in.

>>> is it okay or not okay for moms and daughters to dress alike? all right. what we should explain to you all is when we get these questions --

>> please do not --

>> -- from the magazine, we don't know who they're putting in and what they're saying about them.

>> so let's listen to what we said.

>> what did i say?

>> i don't know.

>> i think over the age of 6 it's a little weird unless it's halloween. and even then i'm the last person my daughter wants to look like, believe me.

>> nothing is wrong with that. twinsies. precious.

>> okay. we were better when we did it.

>> we thought we were great last week when we did it.

>> real quick, we went to see "matilda" last night. packed with kids, by the way.

>> yeah. and of all the shows for this spring season, i've got to say i was anticipating going to see that. they got the best reviews, it got the huge hit already in london. and i was a bit taken back by it, i really was. i think it's a generational thing. i they're read the book as a child. i didn't see the movie. my daughter and her best friend loved the movie. i think it's quite dark. i don't think it's for all children, i truly don't. there's some scenes in it that are -- unless you know your child and your child is okay, there's some moments that are really quite cruel to the children, i think. it's all in the book so if they know what to expect i think it would be fine.

>> there's a guy who plays the headmistress and he -- when you see him, he is ridiculous and funny.

>> and there are four little girls who play matilda. it's got a beautiful message at the end of the day about teasing and being smart.

>> being strong.

>> standing up for yourself. so it's good in that sense.