TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Should pregnant women get Mother’s Day gifts?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales, joined by Kit Hoover of “Access Hollywood Live,” chat about the hot topics of the day, including what expectant mothers should expect when it comes to Mother’s Day.

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>> from "" access hollywood " live" you were out there in town all week.

>> we're taping outside today because the rain is not going to stop us.

>> i think it's going to clear. you'll be fine. al says you'll be fine.

>> let's hope so. al is down in louisiana on the second day of the world tour , the wake up with al tour. he is in carlos, louisiana at the firehouse. we'll catch up with him and the firefighters in a little bit. we begin in cleveland where ariel castro was arraigned on charges of kidnapping and rape. jeff lawson is in cleveland this morning. jeff.

>> hey, good morning, guys. the court appearance lasted only a couple of minutes as we expected it would in arraignments like this. ariel castro stared down almost the entire time. in the end he is being held on $2 million bond for each case. of course, there are three victims here. that makes a total of $8 million. long story short, he is remanded. he is going to jail to wait this out. he did not plea in this hearing. he did not plea guilty. he did not plea not guilty. now it moves on to the next phase of what could end up being a lengthy situation for ariel castro , and this is -- we're getting new information from police reports about what he allegedly put these victims through. those three girls inside the house, including, of course, he is charged with rape and kidnapping, but it went well beyond that. in one case for michelle knight, she told investigators that he impregnated her five times and made her get abortions and made her miscarry. it's terrible and even graphic to say by punching her in the stomach. amanda berry, her baby was born. she says ariel castro is the father, and he made her deliver in an inflatable swimming pool in the house. according to the victims, they say that he wouldn't let them out. they were locked. they were chained up at first. then they moved up to the second floor of the house . he would never let them outside rarely. only a couple of times if they were wearing wigs and sunglasses. disturbing details coming out.

>> we should point out the two other brothers that were initially implicated in this, not brought up on any charges.

>> that's because ariel castro , in his statement, said he has confessed to these crimes. he said his brothers had nothing to do with this situation. just as you read more and more into this story and you learn more and more of these details, it just makes your stomach turn, and i can't help but think of that poor young girl who grew up, was born and conceived in that and grew up seeing, you know, and witnessing that abuse.

>> as a mother, it's unthinkable. that's a decade of their life. as a parent thinking you've lost your child and then to find this out. i hope the girls do not go to court. i hope he pleads guilty, and they can be left alone to heal.

>> we'll stay on top of that story. we move to our take two. waking up with al in louisiana . al, you're spending day two of your wake up with al series down there at the fire station . how has it been?

>> well, it's been terrific. you know, i mean, volunteer firefighters are the backbone of a lot of communities all across the country. this one a mix of volunteer and paid firefighters, and daniel duhahn is one of them. why don't you introduce your friends here.

>> on your right we have my brother, aaron. is he in the fire service for about five years now, and he works for lake charles fire department . over on my left we have garrett who has been with us for five years as well.

>> how long does it take to get your gear on?

>> it takes -- it should take you about 60 seconds to put all this gear on.

>> 60 seconds ?

>> yeah, 60 seconds .

>> i have gotten a head start because i'm in the boots already. you start with your boots in your pants?

>> that's correct. we start with the boots in the pants.

>> ready to start the clock? all right. start the clock. here we go. all right.

>> they're winning right now.

>> how much does that gear weigh?

>> it weighs about 60 pounds.

>> a good workout putting all of that on.

>> and he got it backwards.

>> i can live with that.

>> details are overrated. go, al, go.

>> yeah. yeah.

>> got one more glove right here. yes, sir.

>> now, it makes you realize how much they have to wear to protectively. it's pretty craze where i.

>> you think -- you crushed it.

>> 60 seconds .

>> al roker .

>> are you sweating yet?

>> as i said, i am sweating like a pig. i mean, there's a barbecue pit over there, and i'm going to lay on it.

>> have you to go put out a fire, isn't that right, now that you have --

>> we're going to do that. we're going to put out a fire and go do some cooking. we're going to -- i can't breathe.

>> all right, al. we're going to check back in in a couple of minutes to get the weather, if you can give it to us.

>> great idea.

>> let's go to take three and talk mother's day coming up this weekend. there's a new study out -- this is very interesting -- conducted by a marketing firm that showed a gender gap when it comes to mother's day gift giving , specifically for first-time expect yaant mothers. yes, expectant mothers?

>> we're doing all the legwork.

>> but when you were pregnant? i don't remember getting -- i feel like -- i didn't ask my husband for a gift. should i have asked? 61%, according to the survey of women said they do expect a gift when they're pregnant. 58% of the men say they're clueless about this, which i love.

>> i don't think i've ever got the push gift, but my husband was so good. i had a hankering for fried chicken and he kept me well fed. the chubby hubby and chunky monkey ice cream . he was always doing the little things .

>> i can't imagine you eating chunky monkey -- you are so teeny.

>> i was a weeble wobble.

>> i wrote her a note about how excited i was. sfwroo i got a card.

>> we asked you at as a whole you were more in line with the female point of view. 61% yes. yes. i expect a mother's day gift if i'm expecting. 39% said no.

>> i don't remember. i did get like a push gift and all of that.

>> i think i got a push gift with the first. by the third it was like high five, let's get back home.