TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Seacrest profiles young-adult novel sensation

At 24, Veronica Roth is the author of two wildly successful books for teens, “Divergent” and “Insurgent.” She talks to Ryan Seacrest about the keys to her success and what’s up next in her career, and reveals the cover of the final book in the trilogy, “Allegiant.”

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>>> at the los angeles times festival of books and discussed her rise.

>> they'll know all about the 24-year-old author of the wildly successful books "divergent" and "insurge "insurgent" and probably tell you they can't wait for the third one "alliegent" due out this fall.

>> it was a catch friz r phraphrase of my childhood. if you're bored, find something to do. that's what writing is about.

>> so veronica wrote, coming up with the idea of her first book in college. crafting it over one winter break .

>> it was really incredible. i mean, it was like one minute i was in my parents' house in my rubber ducky a jpajamas and i polished and sent it to agents and got one.

>> so incredible, she made good on a wacky promise she made on her blog.

>> you got into a tub of mini marshmallo marshmallows.

>> some mega marshmallows.

>> i kind of made a promise a couple months before i got the book deal. if this ever happens, thinking it'll never happen.

>> be careful what you wish for.

>> be careful what you promise on the internet.

>> it's that sweet quirkiness that endears her legions of fans. the dark stories are not light reading.

>> it's a futuristic world that an attempt at a perfect society has been made and that attempt has gone awry.

>> the teenage hero is faced with an impossible choice. spend the rest of her life safe with her family or choose the one she's only dared to dream about. empowerment that teens say translate into their real life .

>> she was just trying to fit in, i think. we can all relate to that.

>> what's going to happen in your life is maybe impacted by the choices you make now.

>> why do you think that resinates with teens today?

>> i think it suggests the kind of power that people of that age have. i mean, you're forming yourself, you're becoming an adult. that's why i love writing for teenagers because there's really no other age group that is that enthusiastic and engaged and absorbs what they read.

>> and soon what they'll see, "divergent" the movie is in production and stars kate winslet .

>> what was your reaction when you found out they wanted to make your world a movie series ?

>> i didn't really believe it until i got to visit the set and i was like, oh, maybe it is happening.

>> like her characters who confront their fears head on, veronica pledged to do the same.

>> and one of the things you did was overcome your fear of public humiliation.

>> right. i went with some friends and we jumped into the fountain with all the little kids because that's embarrassing to me. it might not be embarrassing for everyone, but i was afraid to do it.

>> and now you have no fear of anything publicly.

>> it's all gone.

>> one thing she's not afraid of, her next book.

>> "allegiant" a cap to the trilogy. the trilogy might be ending, but roth's career is clearly just getting started. ryan