TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Zach Galifianakis: ‘Hangover’ role ‘is easy’

The actor chats about the third installment of “The Hangover,” which will open nationwide on May 23, saying getting back into character as the odd but lovable Alan is “like riding a bike.”

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>>> back for a brand new adventure in the "hangover" part 3 , zach galifianakis plays the odd but lovable alan . he's fallen on bad times , his friends intervene and get bad news.

>> phil?

>> what, alan ?

>> well, i was going to say i got this strange e-mail the other day, but now i think it might be from chou.

>> feels good to be out, close by, tell no one, i'll be in touch. chou.

>> it says it. how did you not know?

>> at the time, i thought it was ciao like good-bye.

>> hey, zach, welcome back, good to see you.

>> thanks for having me.

>> alan has been off his meds for six months when this movie started. i told you never to go off your meds. why did you do that?

>> going off my meds is all part of the research. alan goes off his medication and the guys are worried about him so they try to take him to an institution.

>> they conduct an intervention. your friends and your family members are alan 's friends and family members. have you ever been part of a real life intervention? have you ever been the subject of a real life intervention?

>> i called my parents once and asked them to do an intervention on me.

>> yeah. and they declined?

>> they were like --

>> who is this?

>> no, i've never been part of an intervention, have you?

>> no, not yet. not yet.

>> do you need one?

>> different schools of thought on that one. did you have any doubts about doing " part 3 "?

>> you know, it's hard to sustain, i think, for a third movie. it's hard to sustain the -- you wonder if the crowd's going to be interested in it. but i think it was ultimately i think it turned out really great. i'm really happy with it.

>> i was reading some things before you came on today and i actually found that you have an official website.

>> i do?

>> you have and it says it is the official website of zach galifianakis starting by saying zach is so happy you found his site, which i thought was encouraging, though he doesn't have the ability to feel any shred of emotion for another human. is that true?

>> i didn't write that.

>> who did?

>> the internet.

>> the internet wrote it?

>> i don't know where that came from, but i think i know what you're talking about. who are these people?

>> these are your fans.

>> there's only seven people out there.

>> look that way.

>> oh, there they are. oh, god.

>> you were looking in the wrong direction.

>> that looks like a nightmare.

>> this character alan , i mean, someone remotely in your real life that remind you of this guy that you can mention on the air?

>> no, but i always -- i always think it's really funny when people are not self-aware. and the fact that alan is so stupid that he can say anything and it doesn't even have to make sense is really fun. unfortunately, it's really easy for me to play.

>> yeah, you seem to do it with no effort whatsoever.

>> i don't know what that's about, but, yeah.

>> when the group gets back together, is it seamless? does it take time? do you sit in a room and read lines again? or is this something you can do without all that much rehearsal these days?

>> it's like riding a bike, kind of. well, unicycle. but it's -- we all keep in touch and have over the last few years. so it's kind of easy. we get right back into it. yeah.

>> our friends at did a moviegoer survey and people wanted questions asked of you. pressing questions, have you had any of the situations from the movie happen to you in real life ?

>> like the wedding thing might be a good example.

>> no, i -- no. but i do have a monkey and a giraffe.

>> people don't know about the giraffe yet.

>> oh, they don't?

>> oh, yeah, i'm not supposed to say anything. i shouldn't mention that.

>> you hosted "snl" recently. one person said bearded comic gives near flawless performance.

>> yeah, i wrote that on my website.

>> the internet wrote that? did you like it, was it fun?

>> yeah, it's fun to do. have you done it?

>> no.

>> would you do it?

>> i don't think i'll be asked to do it.

>> i'm going to see what i can do.

>> if elected, i will serve. good luck.

>> thank you.

>> "hangover part iii " opens may 23rd nationwide.

>> sounds good to me.

>> and your buddies bradley cooper and ken will be here next week.