TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Martha Stewart meets her first two matches

As her quest to find Mr. Right continues, Martha Stewart meets the first two men she chose from among the hundreds of replies to her profile. Stan is a filmmaker, director, and writer, and Larry is in the international steel trading business.

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>>> we're back at 8:13 now. over the past week or so, america seen a different side of martha stewart . we're used to seeing her cook or doing something crafty, but she's now taking a stab at online dating . and according to martha , it's all in the spirit of adventure. martha , welcome back, good to see you.

>> nice to see you.

>> thousands of men after you put your profile on , thousands of men reached out saying they would like to go on a date with you. we narrowed this down in stages to about 50 or 60, then to --

>> it was hard.

>> what was so hard about it?

>> well, reading the profiles and trying to figure out if there was something in common with about 1,000 different guys. so it was kind of difficult.

>> and we've been stressing all along, this is not about finding love or a life partner , as i think sam, from said, it's about trying to find a couple or a few nice first dates.

>> yeah, i like to go out with men. i have so many great things to go to and you want to take somebody with you. so that's one reason. another reason is that i actually would like some day to find a match.

>> right.

>> and i just want to stress and you've been so good about this that this is real reality.

>> yeah. this is not set up at all.

>> none of these have been set up. none of this is fake. and i want everybody to know that because i want other women in a similar situation, it can be done, i hope.

>> and i've known you for more than 20 years, and i'm not going to say you're a ball of nerves because you're not, but it's outside your comfort zone .

>> i'm slightly apprehensive, but nervous.

>> let's not waste any more time.

>> is there a difference?

>> no, it's close. there's a fine line. let's get to meet match number one. before i bring stan schofield out, was there something that stood out in his profile?

>> yeah, we actually had worked together in the past.

>> you didn't remember this, right?

>> well, no, i mean, just looking at him, no. but that he brought it up was interesting. and i thought, well, he lives nearby. so it wouldn't be --

>> convenient.

>> yeah.

>> stan , come on out. oh, sorry, hold on one second. let's first meet him.

>> my name is stan , i'm a film maker, director, writer, do commercials, independent features. probably one of the best jobs in the world. i do a lot of sports, stay active, paint, carpentry, i like to eat, have a nice glass of wine with dinner. i'd love to find someone with a great sense of humor. i love dogs, sunday afternoon sitting around, reading the paper and i love summer.

>> i was so anxious, i jumped the gun. stan , now come on out and meet martha .

>> hello.

>> hi, stan .

>> and he brought me flowers.

>> good to see you.

>> how are you?

>> here you go.

>> welcome. have a seat on the couch.

>> we're going to talk to you in a second. but now we want to take a look at match number two. and was there something that stood out?

>> he likes to hike and he likes -- well, he didn't say he likes animals, i'll tell you later, that was intriguing too.

>> let's meet him.

>> okay.

>> i'm larry , and i'm an international steel trading business. we buy and sell steel all over the world. i honestly love what i do and loved it every day of my life. love traveling, love the new york philharmonic, love walking, swimming. life revolves around the ocean. i live right near it. i have two children, a daughter and a son who are adult living in new york. i'm very close with my kids. what i'm looking for in a woman is somebody who hasn't lost the idea of what love is all about. with the right person, it'll be new all over again.

>> all right, larry , come on out and meet martha . martha , this is larry .

>> hi, larry .

>> hi, larry , good to see you.

>> nice to meet you.

>> it's now official, i'm jim lang. stan , let me start with you.

>> all right.

>> what was it about martha 's profile online? what is it about martha that made you think this was something you wanted to pursue?

>> oh, i always really liked martha . how could you not?

>> did we have fun on the commercial?

>> we did.

>> we had a good time. she was great and turned out really well. it was a long time ago.

>> yeah. fun.

>> did you have interest in dating her back then?

>> oh, i guess i shouldn't say.

>> you can say. you can be honest.

>> i might have.

>> larry , what was it about martha made you decide to take a shot?

>> when i read the profile, she expressed the same feelings i think all of us at this age have. a lot of trepidation and fear of it and we're usually not afraid of much. but then when she said learning, curiosity, adventure, you know, that's really what we're looking for.

>> for either of you, any part of the fact she's so well known give you pause?

>> no.

>> no?

>> yeah. absolutely.

>> tell me.

>> it's -- i think the -- it would look more like an opportunity, i would look more like an opportunist.

>> yeah.

>> and that's not me.

>> do you believe me that this is a real thing?

>> yes, you express in your profile all of the feelings i think all of us have when we go on to something like this. we're used to being fixed up with people we know and a certain amount of comfort.

>> hardly an effort.

>> yeah.

>> i'm really mad at all of them.

>> stan ?

>> the funny thing is, when i saw your picture on and i said well, that's a familiar face. i can't be who i think it is.

>> oh.

>> i didn't know all of this was going on. i thought, well, oh, she's on , that's cool. so then we had a little correspondence and the next day somebody told me without me saying anything, oh, have you seen what's going on with martha stewart ? and i go, what? and they go -- and i said you've got to be kidding.

>> and now you find yourself on the couch.

>> can i say? martha is a pro at being in front of a camera. so this comes fairly easily for him. i'm very proud of you guys because i don't think this can be easy.

>> not at all.

>> to do this on national television. so congratulations for that.

>> yeah, i think it's bold and nice, actually.

>> and there are no winners and losers today. it's not like we're going to say you get the date, you don't. you're going to go out, coffee, whatever, separately.

>> not together.

>> no, not the three. guys, thank you so much. and we have one late addition, martha .

>> oh.

>> one other guy decided he would love to take you out.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> zach galifianakis is here.

>> martha and i met once at a convention.

>> i watched your performance in your last very big blockbuster movie and i don't think