TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Who is accused Ohio captor Ariel Castro?

Authorities are accusing suspected kidnapper Ariel Castro of leading a double life, appearing in his neighborhood as a “popular member of the community” according to family and friends, while allegedly keeping three women captive in his home for a decade. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> let us begin this half hour with more on that troubling kidnapping case in cleveland . in a moment, we'll talk to the grandmother of one of the victims amanda berry. but first, kristen dahlgren has new information about the man charged in the case. good morning.

>> good morning, matt. yeah, this morning, we are learning a lot more about the suspect ariel castro . but the picture being painted by police very different than what neighbors and relatives thought they knew about this man just a few days ago.

>> this is how the world knows ariel castro now. but for years in his cleveland neighborhood, castro was seen as anything but a criminal.

>> he had always been a loving cousin. a loving father, a loving grandfather. you know, also very popular member of this community.

>> on a facebook page apparently belonging to 52-year-old castro , he post pictures of guitars, writes about being a grandfather. and on may 2nd , days before the women's rescue, he ironically writes, miracles really do happen, god is good.

>> he's cool as a cucumber.

>> charles ramsey made the dramatic rescue and call to 911. he and some of castro 's other neighbors spoke to savannah at cleveland airport.

>> did you see anything that would make you suspect?

>> they saying nothing and i'm saying nothing. must be good, right?

>> over the years castro also appeared to be a concerned friend. when his daughter's friend, 14-year-old gina dejesus disappeared in 2004 , castro comforted the family.

>> helped organize vigils for dejesus and says castro was there.

>> ariel castro was there from day one.

>> gina's friend ashley described castro as their cool bus driver.

>> he used to wear sunglasses and see him on the steering wheel.

>> reporter: but employment records obtained by nbc news, castro was cited for times for breaking the rules. he was fired last november. and in a petition for a protective order filed by castro 's ex-wife in addition to claims he physically assaulted her is this chilling claim. respondent frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from mother.

>> reporter: that request was eventually dismissed. castro and his ex-wife were involved in custody disputes. matt, we will likely learn a lot more about this man in court later on this morning.

>> kristen, thanks very much.