TODAY   |  May 09, 2013

Police report: Captor forced woman to miscarry

According to new details in a police report, the three women held in Ohio for over a decade were kept in chains and their captor forced Michelle Knight to miscarry multiple times while Amanda Berry gave birth in the home. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

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>> and we are learning more about the treatment of his alleged victims for some ten years and it's even more disturbing than expected. jeff, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. lots developing overnight. and the details you mentioned about their alleged life in captivity, truly graphic we should warn you. we'll get to that in a moment. but we are following that breaking news within the next 90 minutes at 8:30 a.m . eastern, ariel castro the suspect will appear here at the cleveland courthouse to face the judge, face those rape and kidnapping charges. and there are cameras in the courtroom. and we are going to get to see him in person and also, perhaps, hear from him for the first time. we are watching all of that for you. but first, we want to get right to the new information from the alleged victims. the girls themselves about their life inside that house on seymour avenue here in cleveland as some of them woke up this morning in their own beds.

>> reporter: homecoming day for amanda berry, back with her family for the first time in a decade. across town, gina dejesus came home too, that's her in the neon hoodie giving the thumbs up, reunited with her mom and dad .

>> i never gave up!

>> never.

>> never gave up searching for her.

>> as the families embraced in joy --

>> we found them. we found them.

>> reporter: overnight, new details emerging about what these girls say they endured before they broke free. the victims opened up to investigators for the first time. about how ariel castro kidnapped them, offering each of them a ride home. they all took it. instead, castro drove them to his house where the girls say he chained them up in the basement, eventually moving them upstairs to the second floor. ariel castro kept the doors locked. the girls were only allowed in the backyard wearing wigs and sunglasses. and had to keep their heads down.

>> they've only known themselves to be outside of the home on two separate occasions.

>> police say castro raped and beat all of them. according to the report, amanda got pregnant and had his baby, delivered in a plastic pool in the house. michelle knight said castro got her pregnant at least five times. ariel would make her abort the baby. he starved her for at least two weeks then punched her in the stomach until she miscarried. brutality that is shocking veterans like john walsh .

>> 25 years on "america's most wanted" and having talked to a lot of recovered victims, i've never seen anything as horrible as this.

>> ariel castro 's family is horrified too. this is his cousin maria.

>> what goes through your mind?

>> i can't believe that anyone, even a stranger is capable of doing those types of things to three young, beautiful girls let alone someone that i know.

>> and you're related to.

>> and that i'm related to.

>> reporter: we're also learning exactly how the girls broke free. that fateful monday afternoon. on this day, amanda told police, the big inside door was not locked. amanda saw a way out and took it.

>> we've got a feel conscious and breathing, a young child with us.

>> police then stormed the house, guns drawn, michelle knight and gina dejesus jumped into officers' arms. all the girls saved and investigators moved fast arresting the castro brothers for the crime. but now police say two of them had nothing to do with it. only ariel is charged with the evidence pointing solely to him.

>> reporter: the victims aren't the only ones talking here, police say ariel castro himself the suspect has given them a, quote, detailed statement at this point, matt, they do not believe he has any other victims.

>> jeff, thank you very much.