TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Toast mom with great wines under $20

Leslie Sbrocco, author of “Wines for Women,” shows off 8 different bottles that could make a great Mother’s Day gift by pairing them with CDs for the music lover and a bubble bath or candle for the mom who wants to relax.

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>>> it is winesday wednesday. what else would we be talking about today but wine.

>> if you're raising your glass to your mom this sunday, you might want to go for a bottle that fits her personality.

>> or not. leslie is here to help you. she's the author of "wine for women." is it a different thing? hello, honey. it's not the same.

>> that's right. men whine, and we know that. what i've taken is taken your mom's personality type , you know, for any wine-loving mom we have a solution for a gift. the wild and crazy mom --

>> that would be me.

>> i'm going to give you this, and i call this my 50 shades of grape. so those of you who want to get kinky with your drinky.

>> that's kinky.

>> chardonnay, forget the cabernet -- it's torrenteza. and this is carmen air, a wine from chile , and this is emiliana, and this is natural, natural. so affordable.

>> the next mom is the indulgent, they want to go in the path, right, take a break?

>> who wants bubbles.

>> hody likes bubbles.

>> this is sparkling wine from chile. this is called cono sur . beautiful, crisp.

>> i like that.

>> that's really good. thinks a pinot?

>> a blend of great grapes, serenity is a blend.

>> it's nice.

>> you could do the package, the cand candle, bubbles and that.

>> she has to provide her own bathtub.

>> i call this my aromatherapy section. you can package it up. and now we have the wonderful mom who is -- and we have no wine in this glass. interesting.

>> this is not for me.

>> it's not open, so you can't have anything.

>> this is your music-loving mom.

>> that's all right. i'll crack it open with my teeth.

>> i know --

>> i do it at home all the time. this is from dave matthews . truth me, it is really good.

>> dreaming tree , i've had it, yes.

>> a new why called every day. dave matthews works with a wine maker, and andre bocelli has a new wine out.

>> that's got to be good.

>> this is from tuscany italy, and a beautiful wine, very sexy and seductive, right?

>> just like his music.

>> they're both on tour in june through september, so you can buy them tickets, dave matthews and bocelli tours.

>> okay. then we've got to the food-loving mom. so for mother's day brunch, i do love a really nice pinot grigio . it gotten great with fruit salads.

>> very nice.

>> come on in here. this is lambrusco. this is sparkling red wine .

>> i've heard of that.

>> it's got beautiful fruit, goes great with chocolate, goes great with ham.

>> wow, that's different.

>> boy, isn't that delicious?

>> a bit of chocolate with that.

>> don't you dare stay away this long ever ever ever again.

>> i will not.

>> we wish you a happy mother's day.

>>> tomorrow maxim's hot 100.

>>> and ambush makeovers with louis and jill.

>> a great one for you.