TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Molly Ringwald: Singing is ‘most joyful’ thing I do

Actresses Molly Ringwald has recorded her first adult album, “Except Sometimes,” thanks to the support of her dad. She said that singing, along with raising her kids, brings her much joy.

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>>> molly was a teenage idol, just saying the name molly ringwald counsel injures up the classic movies, and who of course could forget jake ryan and samantha in "six teen candles."

>> she's now showing us another side of her. she recently released a new cd , a homage to the great american songbook and her dad, i have a feel. it's called "except sometimes."

>> written by hoggie carmichael.

>> was it fun choosing the songs?

>> it was. it was a bit hard, because i wanted to pick standards, but i wanted to pick songs that haven't been recorded add gnawsium by every single alive. so the songs in my album, they're standards, but a bit more obscure.

>> tell us about your musical background. your dad was a musician.

>> my father is a jazz musician , bob ringwald. he's a bit more traditional jazz , and i'm a little bit -- you know, still not super contemporary, but, you know, i'm not singing betsy smith and louie armstrong like my dad.

>> do you wonder what he thinks?

>> he loves it. i think he's my biggest cheerleader, so happy i have come back to music.

>> there is a song on your album which we are all familiar with called "don't you forget about me." was that an easy pick?

>> when i recorded the cd , it wasn't that long after john hues passed away, he was very much in thigh thoughts and i thought it was a tribute.

>> and what you're doing now it touring with the album? will the band be going with you?

>> yes, we are. we are playing in new york city at the uridium, tonight and tomorrow night. we're kind of going all over the place. to australia, new zealand for a month.

>> fun.

>> what kind of feeling do you have on the stage? is it difficult from acting?

>> it's similar to acting, but i would say of all the things that i do, i think it's the most joyful, that and parenting, you know, writing is kind of torturous. you know, acting is easy, but this is definitely the most joyful.

>> it's great, discovering all facets of yourself, which is what life is all about.

>> your kiddos will be traveling with you. tell us about your kids?

>> what do you want to know? there they are. my eldest, matilda is 9 1/2, and those are my 3 1/2-year-old twins.

>> look at that cute man.

>> and that's my adorable husband.

>> we're going to see matilda today?

>> i would love to see it. i would love to. i'm a bit busy this time.

>> sorry, you're the one that put out the cd , you know? a lifetime dream.

>> well, we're happy for you. good luck with the cd .