TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

TV mom trivia! Can you name Carol Brady’s 6 kids?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Entertainment Weekly writer Jessica Shaw, quiz viewers about Hollywood mom trivia, such as which actress played the famous mom from “The Blindside” and how many kids Harry Potter’s mom has.

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>>> trivia game. in honor of mother's day, we thought it would be fun to see how well you remember some iconic moms from tv and movies. kathie lee haus $100 for those who get the questions right. and those who don't get the questions right? her cd .

>>> jessica shaw is a senior writer at " entertainment weekly " and a mom herself. are you ready?

>> i am.

>> lovely lady visiting from arizona. name the mom that is associated with this tv theme song .

>> clair huxtable?

>> yes.

>> she got it.

>> she pulled it out at the last second.

>> you can --

>> they always changed the introduction. clair is like super-mom. she's a lawyer and awesome mom, she makes it look very easy, though it totally is not.

>> i just saw her on steve harvey today. she's terrific even now.

>>> from austin, texas, listen to the following clip and finish this quote made famous by forrest gump 's mom --

>> my mama always said -- life was like a box of chocolates.

>> you never know what you're gonna get.

>> there you go.

>> nice. again she is pulled it out at the last second.

>> good memory.

>> such a great movie.

>> great movie. sally field , of course, played his mom. she was ten years older than him. they had been co-stars a few years earlier, but she played his mom.

>>> back across.

>> this lovely gentleman is from australia. carol brady is one of tv's best known mothers. name her six children.

>> greg -- i do know them.

>> you've got a kathie lee cd in your future.

>> just go to the cd .

>> there you go.

>> all righty. greg, peter bobby, marsha, jan, cindy.

>> i love it.

>> hello.

>> i can just see the -- i also feel like she deserves special points, because she took in cousin olive.

>> and alice, who just had the birthday. did you watch "the brady bunch "?

>> every day.

>>> which actress won an oscar for plays mom leigh anne tuohy in "the blind side"?

>> san ra bullock.

>> she was great in that movie.

>> and won the oscar. interestingly julia roberts was offered the role, but she actually turned it down.

>> wow.

>> oops.

>>> back across to kath.

>> name the tv mom whose voice this belongs to.

>> it's not your fault, grandpa. they're too slippery, see?

>> marge .

>> marge what?

>> simpson.

>> oh, all right.

>> marge simpson . who does that voice do you know?

>> julie caverner.

>> marge is based on the creator of the show's mom, and she just passed away. but a great, great character, great tv mom.

>>> time for one more.

>> from wisconsin, sir, mrs. weasley from "the harry potter " series is a belough moment. how many children does she have?

>> i'm going to say five.

>> no, but this is right up your alley, a guy like you.

>> all right. the correct answer is seven.

>> she's such an awesome mom. she takes in harry, and has one more kid than mrs. brady, so good for her.