TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Funny sign: Welcome to the “big-ass” farm

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows of a few off-the-wall photos sent in by Kathie Lee and Hoda viewers, such as a menu where you can order a tasty “chicken poopers” dish and a farm that is creatively promoting its donkeys.

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>>> submitted that made you say "what the what?"

>> sarah sorted through the best.

>> this one is the caption contest from last week, a photo sent in from paula. whose leg do you have to hump to get a little decaf? i mean --

>> that is so cute.

>> he's adorable.

>> like mattie, the dog that poses from today.

>> might as well live here.

>>> we'll show you nbc week's at the end. first up from oakland, california. surprised they didn't see that coming.

>> i like it.

>>> kelly michaels from glenn coffee , new york submitted this photo. chicken poopers, lightly breaded. as they say, they're just breaded on the outside --

>> you're sick.

>> never machined.

>>> next up, a photo from lisa hall . it's not what you think. they're donkeys in there, really.

>> come on, you can use that in the title.

>> i like the --

>> indicate from from ohio submitted this photo. finally everyone's capping up with us. that's actually her last name.

>> we should have her on.

>> she needs to be on the show. for next week, another picture.

>> emergency management that she's drinkwine.

>> that's probably not --

>> look at her.

>> next week weft people to go to the website and submit their caption.

>> who puts feet in their baby's faces.

>> i sucked my baby's toes.

>> that's different.

>> that was in a shoe