TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Al cooks up a proper southern breakfast

While in College Station, Tenn., spending time on the Hatcher dairy farm, TODAY’s Al Roker gets a lesson in cooking up sausage gravy from Jesse Goldstein of the world-famous Loveless Café.

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>> and this morning on "today's kitchen" southern comfort. that's right. when you talk about a farm, farm breakfasts are famous, baby, and there is no better breakfast if you're going to be in middle, tennessee, than the world famous lovelace cafe. joining us jeff goldstein . good to see you..

>> thanks for having me.

>> quintessential breakfast in the south besides eggs and bacon .

>> biscuits and gravy is pretty much it. our biscuits are a secret, we make 5,000, 7,000 a day and put preservatives and goodies in them but gravy in the south gravy runs through our veins.

>> slowly.

>> this is sausage gravy so pork sausage pattis, brown them, add flour.

>> kind of a pork fat rous?

>> 100%. you cook the flour out of it and bring it over here so everyone can see a little better. depending on how spicy your sausage is you may want to put cayenne and black pepper .

>> in the south you put black pepper on cheerios.

>> it goes on everything down here.

>> in this is no ordinary milk, the best milk in the land.

>> this looks like cream.

>> this is hatcher whole milk. we'd cook this out a little bit more but just add a little bit at a time, get it good and thick and keep cooking it to get the flour taste out and cook that sausage taste in. dump in a little bit more. you've been to the lovelace before.

>> i have. i can't go too often now, i'll never get out.

>> those biscuits are mostly air.

>> they are light and fluffy but it's not just that. you continue to cook this down and you end up with something that looks a little like this.

>> that, exactly right. now, top some biscuits with that.

>> wow. i'm going to bring this here, you grab this one and go over to the table here and sharon promised me that when she wrote how i like my eggs, i love my eggs overeasy. so this is pretty good stuff.

>> that's right and what al wants al gets at the hatcher house.

>> would you call my wife? because that doesn't seem to happen much in my house. this is fantastic.

>> we've also cooked up hashbrown casserole, country ham , bacon, a big old mess of grits and i didn't get your kitchen too messy.

>> you're good.

>> is this how you eat every morning?

>> not really.

>> nobody would look as good as you do. what is it about a country breakfast on the farm that gets you going?

>> the fresh eggs, fresh milk, fresh cream .

>> coffee.

>> i'm going to help myself to a biscuit here, excuse me a second, and coffee. i got to tell you, if this was what i got every day i'd be working on the farm sure enough. i wouldn't last long on the farm but that's pretty good. guys thank you so much for sharing. we're going to have a little bit more coming up from the hatcher family dairy farm