TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Instagram star Maddie the dog stands on TODAY set

On May 8, 2013, the TODAY anchors met rescued coonhound, Maddie, and her owner, Theron Humphrey, who discovered Maddie's uncanny ability to balance on just about anything during a cross-country road trip.

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>>> unique talent that's turned her into an internet star and it all started with a cross- country road trip that led to some great photos. soon after humphrey began posting photos of maddie online the dog became an instant instagram star. we had maddie the sweet natured dog with a great personality, and an uncanny ability to balance stop by our studio to take some behind the scenes photos. they are with us now, the book is called " maddie on things" good morning nice to see you.

>> good morning.

>> she's your first dog.

>> yes.

>> you rescued her?

>> i sure did, in atlanta, georgia.

>> you quit your job and took off on a road trip , why?

>> i was burned out on corporate life and the biggest catalyst was a broken heart which i think a lot of people can relate to and i wanted to go out to the world and connect with people and tell stories and celebrate everyday life .

>> then you met maddie and maddie mended that broken heart and little did you know i don't think at the time you had incredible talent on your hands. her ability to pose and pose on things very pretarious doing it.

>> she has inherently great balance. the beautiful thing about photography it becomes a document of our lives and ages and become more reliable. i wanted to remember my companion i was traveling with and the pickup truck so i literally put her on the roof of my truck and took a photo, she stood there and looked at me, that's so amazing, maddie and the project grew from there. we went to all 50 states last year and when you're traveling you're always seeing new things and meeting new folks and i'd put her on top of objects i would encount per

>> what kind of response did you get when you started putting the photos out there?

>> right, the beautiful thing about this project is it grew organically over time , started out small. over the course of the year i gained more and more attraction and more people got into it. i learned quickly that people just love dogs because they see and smell the world in a way that we'll never be able to and there's something beautiful about that, that brings us joy into our lives.

>> she has an incredible following on instagram and twitter. i don't know how many people follow her. you get a lot of reactions, people come up to you on the streets of new york who recognize her.

>> it's been amazing, stopped five or six times, had people take photo s with us. we're shooting another documentary called "why we rescue" telling stories of other rescued animals across the country so we're just grateful to take photos every day.

>> she's been around here three days on and off i've never seen a dog more compliant and willing to do whatever you want her to do. does she ever have a day where she looks at awe and says not on your life.

>> we literally spend 24/7, 365 days together so we built a really special relationship , a great bond.

>> she looks like she's wiped out, a little sleepy there. is there anything that she hasn't really been able to master the pose or stand on and balance? you put her on any little thing and she's able to get it down right.

>> she's never fallen, never been hurt and lets me know her limitations and we've been doing it so long we've gotten good at it, she's well trained.

>> you talked about this project kind of growing organically and helped connect with you people for a number of different reasons. now you're about to be done with this one is there something else this has given you inspiration to try next?

>> yes, my biggest thing that we want to do next is i want to incorporate photos of maddie in sandwiches.

>> why sandwiches? you like sandwiches.

>> i love sandwiches. the beautiful thing about this project, it's enabled me to do what i truly love and that's to meet people and photograph folks and hang out with my dog.

>> the other thing i know that's important to you is rescue dogs and you're working on a project called why we rescue. as a proud mama of a shelter dog myself it's great to see maddie inspiring so many people to look at the shelter dogs.

>> definitely. we're trying to not photograph, she has this great eeyore face, just trying to show how rescuing an animal from your local shelter is a beautiful thing.

>> thanks so much. maddie is now asleep on her feet. she has gone to sleep on this little pedestal there.

>>> coming up, what moms stress about the most in their lives but first take a look at these messages and your local news and take a look at maddie .