TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Actor Steve Schirripa’s tough ‘Rules’ for daughters

Steve Schirripa, best known for his mobster role on “The Sopranos,” and his two daughters, Bria and Ciara, talk about his new book, “Big Daddy’s Rules,” which is part comedy and part loving tribute to his daughters.

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>>> we're back at 8:38. as parents we can all use a little advice. new book out about raising girls and comes from a rather surprising source.

>> don't stay too long.

>> steve schirripa is known as the mobster bobby on "the sopranos." this year he's starring as leo on "the secret life of an american teenager." steve reunited with his sopranos castmates in an upcoming movie for nickelodeon and written a book about his personal life , part comedy and part love letter to his two daughters. that book is called " big daddy 's

rules: raising daughters is tougher than i look." steve schirripa is here with his daughters breeja and laura. sit back for a second. i'm happy to meet you two. i've known your dad for a long time. every time we get together you know what he talks about? you two. he is a mush ball when he comes to you. is he like that at home?

>> from time to time.

>> he can be.

>> what's his parenting style like? how would you describe it?

>> very loud.

>> loud. yes.

>> tough?

>> intense.

>> tough love?

>> protective.

>> his way or the highway?

>> yes.

>> yes.

>> exactly.

>> is this fair?

>> absolutely.

>> yeah, why?

>> because i'm watching out for them. i'm a big daddy . i take charge. fathers don't take charge nowadays. everything you see the father, tv, movies, he's an idiot. i'm not an idiot.

>> when you say big daddy you don't mean because of your size. you're talking about a formidable force in the house.

>> a big mouth , big heart and a big temper, and " big daddy 's rules" there are no rules. they're my rules.

>> so this is a parenting book, it offers advice on parenting, i've never seen a parenting book that used the "f" word so liberally. is this a problem at home?

>> i think at this point in time we're actually very used to it but i mean it's not too much of a problem.

>> i don't curse that much.

>> it's not like every other word.

>> let me go over big daddy 's rules, the most important lesson, be there. there's no such thing as quality time , there's only quantity time. does he back that up?

>> i believe he does. i believe he absolutely does.

>> steve?

>> absolutely. listen, it's not just spend the time, oh we got the weekend we're going to do this, this and this. i'm present whether i'm there or i'm not there. i'm in their head, they know how i feel, they know how their mom feels about things. we'll be disappointed. they know what we want.

>> how old are you ladies?

>> i'm 21.

>> 19.

>> let me ask this one, this impacts a lot of parents who have teenaged daughters, peer pressure, all the things that happen with kids, all right, she goes somewhere where i know there's going to be liquor, for example, i might make an appearance, but i'll let her know i'm coming andity' let her know when i'm gone. has he done it?

>> no.

>> he never showed up at a party?

>> it's all talk.

>> it's all threats.

>> so far. so far. but i tell you what, she's in college and she went to ocean city and i got, i was talking to her on the phone how are you getting there? i said i'll get in the car and get down there right now and at the time of course i meant it and look, i know there's alcohol. i'm not naive in the least bit. i trust them. that's the thing they'll say, you don't trust me? i trust you. i don't trust other people.

>> and finally this one, you say, because i said so.

>> the four most underrated words in the world. and you know why it's right, because i said so and there's nothing wrong with saying because i said so because look i'm in charge. i'm responsible. i had them. i know better than they do.

>> we should also mention you have a very hands-on mom. how does she feel about his style of parenting? is she the same way?

>> i think that at times she kind of balances it out a little bit more, i think she sees sometimes it might be a little bit over the top so she does kind of the calm, she's kind of the calmer one.

>> most importantly as you two go on and have children, are you going to be like your dad when it comes to parenting? has this worked for you and will you put the same practice into effect?

>> on some level i guess we will be with protecting like our children ourselves but the intensity and the yelling, i don't know about that part but.

>> they're normal kids. so far i've done a good job. i'm not a parenting expert. i'm not dr. phil or whatever. this is what's worked for me, you know what i mean and if anybody wants to listen, this is work, we did pretty good so far.

>> just want to reiterate when he talks about you two all the time, he's a pushover. whatever he says at home he's a pushover in public.

>> you're giving me away, matt. i got this thing going good.

>> it's nice to have you all here.

>> thank you.

>> and the book again " big daddy 's rules."