TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Wendy Williams: ‘I’m a woman with an opinion’

For more than 25 years as a radio and TV host, Wendy Williams has been dishing advice on just about everything. She talks about compiling her wisdom into her new book, “Ask Wendy: Straight-Up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life.”

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>>> back now at :45 with always love and opinionated and outspoken wendy williams , for more than 25 years she's been dishing out her advice on everything as a radio and tv host . well now wendy has compiled her very frank words of wisdom into a new book called "ask wendy " advice for all the drama in your life. wendy williams good morning.

>> yes, natalie, yes.

>> good advice and you're dishing it out which is great.

>> to take a word from steve, i'm no dr. phil but i'm a woman with an opinion and i like --

>> people trust you.

>> i take my advice and give it seriously.

>> congratulations, just renewed for your fourth season. do you have favorite moments so far or favorite guests?

>> when i say let's get started it's time for hot topics, i love that but i lo of my ask wendy and guests, donald trump he's a comfortable fit, halle berry , met her once and immediately drawn in, she's so down-to-earth.

>> i can understand halle berry but why do you say donald trump a comfortable fit?

>> he says it and means it and if ask you he'll tell you straight.

>> that's true. as you do as well.

>> yes.

>> you'll help us out because we have a lot of great advice that you're going to dispense which you're known for, starting with some questions that you tackle in your book. this is on the online drama section a woman asks wendy i'm furious, my 15-year-old daughter put inappropriate pictures of her and her friends on facebook, skimpy clothes and sexy poses. i threatened to pull her account but she says all kids do this. what should i do? this is something a lot of parents are facing these days.

>> we're all going through it. i only have a moment before i go through it. don't threat, pull her account and she'll get her twitter, and you pull everything and that is not going to make these kids stop. remember what it was like when we were 15, sneaky but respectable sneaky. stay on her.

>> you pull her by saying take it away from her?

>> take it away and, take it all away from her and explain to her the repercussion of putting these pictures online now, at 25, she's going to be scrutinized by future employers. what you do at 15 follows you for the rest of your life and these kids don't understand that.

>> they don't think about it at all. that stuff lives out there forever. okay, next segment in the man drama category my husband is the breadwinner i'm a stay-at-home mom to my two kids. he thinks this means that he gets to control how much i spend and he's always nickel and diming me on everything and accusing me of wasting money. he even suggests that i get an allowance. i am not a child. so what do you recommend she do?

>> but he sounds a bit cavemannish, right?

>> very controlling.

>> she's home, taking care of the children so perhaps she's not able to go out and work but what you need to do, i told her, is take control of the checkbook. know what's coming in the house and what's going out of the house, balance the checkbook. just because he makes the money doesn't mean that you have to sit back and not know the family finances, and at some point when the kids get old enough it's nice to make a dollar for yourself. that's the way we women get empowered, make a dollar and know what goes on financially in the household whether we're making the money or not.

>> this having an allowance.

>> how dare him.

>> you said it, wendy .

>> i'm just saying, natalie.

>> as you always do. wendy williams thanks so much, the book is called "ask wendy ."