TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Rescued captive’s mom: I haven’t talked to her yet

Barbara Knight, mother of Michelle Knight, one of the women held captive in Ohio for over 10 years, talks about learning her daughter was found alive, what their relationship was like when she disappeared, and her hopes and plans for her family’s future.

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>> i talked to michele knight's mother, barbara knight. i started by asking how she reacted when she first heard this news.

>> well, my mother, she called me and she told me to turn it to the news and i did and i started crying and i was happy that they found her because i've been looking for her and i don't want them to think i forgot about her.

>> have you been able to talk to her?

>> no.

>> what was your relationship like before she disappeared? were you in contact with her in.

>> we were living together and had a son.

>> she had a little boy .

>> yes.

>> as we learned about her there was a time when the son was taken from her by the child custody.

>> and she was hurt. i was hurt. the person who did it thought it was funny, so i don't know too much about it but i just daughter would reach out and let me know she's there.

>> do you feel your daughter wants to see you?

>> yes, i know she's probably angry at the world because she thought that she would never be found but thank god that somebody did.

>> what can you tell us about the circumstances of her disappearance? i know that she was 20 or 21 and some people thought maybe she had run away.

>> well, the way i understood it by certain people they told me that maybe she didn't want nothing to do with me. but still in my heart i thought, no, because i know my michelle.

>> did you talk to police then? did you file a missing person 's report?

>> yes, i did.

>> what kind of efforts did they make to try to locate her?

>> they have told me if she breaks the law or they spot her, they'll let me know but nothing happened.

>> did they think she had just left the home, they didn't think it was an abduction?

>> well, because she was 20 they figured that she just left because of the upset, because of the baby and everything.

>> there had been some reports in her file that she may have had some kind of struggles with mental health . do you know anything about that?

>> no. i know she did have asthma, but that was about it.

>> all these years, did you have a sense of whether she was still alive? i know you said you certainly hoped so.

>> well, i had my doubts but then i looked on the bright side, i did go to god and prayed for some kind of thing to tell me at least if she's alive or not.

>> have any of your family been able to visit michelle since she was released?

>> by my understanding i guess my boys got to see her.

>> her brothers?

>> yes.

>> were able to visit with her? have police been in contact with you?

>> there was a detective who called me but he just said it was my daughter and he only worked like i guess from 11:00 to some time, and i didn't get a hold of anybody else yesterday so i don't know too much more what's going on.

>> if you are able to see her, what do you plan to say to her?

>> that i love you and i missed you all this time and hopefully whatever happened between us , if something did, i hope it helps because i really want to take her back to florida with me. i don't want to leave her up in cleveland.

>> barbara knight, our sympathies are with you, our hearts are with you, we wish you the best and the best to your daughter. thank you for being here.