TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Gifts for mom: Plush bedding, jewelry, beach bags

Lifestyle expert Kathleen Daelemans shares great gifts your mom will love, including luxurious bedding, beach baskets and sunglasses that make it easy to read by the pool.

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>>> it's a day moms look forward to every year and that of course is mother's day. if you haven't bought her a gift yet, you have five days left to find her something special.

>> kathleen is here to help us, we love this lady. this is our kind of pampering, bubbly in bed. we'll be happy to make room for you.

>> sparkly.

>> all right, ladies we've got a lot of really neat gifts, wilson creek winery. a family-owned winery in california. it's sparkling wine with a hint of champagne. and the deal in honor of you.

>> first of all, the label, hint of almond. in hon of you, two bottles for the price of one. free shipping.

>> and then, go ahead.

>> i'm looking at the strawberries.

>> you want one?

>> yeah, bring it over, what the heck.

>> let's share.

>> okay. go, hoda.

>> the bedding, beneath the trees, don't you feel like you're sleeping under the stars? the first company in the u.s., you're the stars. to be 100% certified organic bedding to the united states .

>> stop it.

>> point reyes, california, 40 employees, super deluxe . free shipping, stunning robe. absolutely like spa-like living. for hard-working moms.

>> from the mays collection over here. for moms who wine, you don't know any, do you?

>> easy, breezy summer entertaining all year long. from may collection, a website that curates american brands . hand-etched glass pitchers. drink, drank, drunk, you can't see.

>> i know you're familiar with that concept.

>> oh, come on!

>> we just sip a little.

>> also from may collection, peterborough baskets, a 150-year-old basket-making company in new hampshire.

>> for beach moms, aren't these stunning, every purchase supports the amazon rain forest . exclusively and for women of a certain age who want to look absolutely fabulous on the beach. she gets it.

>> sunglasses that are also -- readers.

>> readers, flutter from 95. they're the manilow blahniks of the sunglasses.

>>> wimberly ink, hand-assembled. 20 colors, 20 different charms. mix and match.

>>> this is another really cool concept. these are beautiful clutches, all hand-made, natie you choose your colors, you design it yourself.

>> your own designer.

>> you can put a beautiful custom label inside as well.

>> these are crazy.

>> kathleen, aren't these stunning?

>> these have, this is the first time they're debuting, a young new company. these are low tops and high tops from $52. they've got free shipping right now. everybody has free shipping but it's limited time.

>> you better hurry. this is l.a. celebrity like massage therapist and healer to the stars, it's her own company well just beautiful 100% organic, i think even vegan products for your body, bath, hair. soothing and relaxing for moms on the go.

>> this is baby kayuchie for mothers who have little babies , just stunning and beautiful.

>> and moms who facebook, a lot of people have facebook pages, i don't. you go on, you click gifts, this is from pro flowers , $40 at your doorstep. starting to look for springs.

>> always great. thank you.