TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Zachary Quinto: Nimoy gave me his blessing for 'Star Trek'

Actor Zachary Quinto plays Spock in the new film “Star Trek Into Darkness.” He tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that he wasn’t intimidated playing the role made iconic by Leonard Nimoy, and says he and the original Spock portrayer became amazing friends during the filming.

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incredible indulgence. one square inch of bliss.

>>> warp speed !

>> i told you we would make it.

>> there you are.

>> hot.

>> we're back with more of "today" and that was a scene from the much-anticipated next installment of the " star trek " franchise, called " star trek into darkness ."

>> spock and captain kirk are working out their differences.

>> we want them to get along.

>> human spock is played by zachary quinto .

>> you've got outrageous eyebrows. brooke shields has nothing on you.

>> because you can't stop looking at them.

>> you focus.

>> that's where we live, right there.

>> that's how i feel about you guys. not because of your eyebrows because you're luminescent.

>> he keeps it in control.

>> you were just in london promoting the film. what kind of response are you getting so far?

>> unbelievable. the movie is so much bigger than the first one, on so many levels in terms of the magnitude of the film itself.

>> they spent more money?

>> yeah. and the reaction that we've garnered -- is also bigger and bolder.

>> it's a crowded field right now, right?

>> it is. i think we're the only movie coming out next weekend, the 17th. but yeah, this summer blockbuster season kickoff.

>> where did you shoot all of this?

>> all inform l.a. and the last ten days in northern california .

>> you had big shoes to fill, playing in role did you feel intimidated?

>> leonard nimoy was in the first film. i knew i got the job with his blessing and we've subsequently come amazing friends.

>> he's a very nice gentleman.

>> he's incredible. has lived a fulfilled, creative, authentic life, i have nothing but respect for him.

>> where does one go to get his inner spock .

>> most people think he's emotionless, he just doesn't express it the same way as other people.

>> to watch him have to deal with it, because it surprises even him.

>> that's true it happens a lot in this film. i think there are elements with my personality that line up with the character. i'm also different in other ways.

>> is there a little bro-mance going on with you and captain kirk .

>> did you get that die nam snik.

>> dynamic?

>> it's spiritual tension. it's palpable.

>> who's kirk and who's spock ?

>> she's spock ? look at her, she's an aegyptian goddess.

>> you and me, baby.

>> when you're not doing the filming of this movie, you've got a broadway show coming up.

>> i'm making my broadway debut in the fall.

>> we did the production up at the american repertory theater in cambridge.

>> excuse us.

>> as long as you come see us.

>> what that's right are you going to be in?

>> i don't know.

>> what's your role?

>> in the play?

>> yes.

>> i play tom wingfield who is basically tency williams' most auto biographical character.

>> he's confused, anxious, excited to live a life and he's an incredible -- to learn as much as i have about tennessee himself and to -- to get to know his life and his journey and his experiences, one of most rewarding things i've done so far.

>> that's fall?

>> yes.

>> we wish you great luck.

>> awesome.

>> he was at the met show last night.

>> and got in at 5:00 a.m .

>> " star trek in the darkness" opens nationwide in theaters and