TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Marilu Henner: ‘Celeb Apprentice’ is a ‘roller coaster’

Actress Marilu Henner heard the dreaded words “you’re fired” from Donald Trump on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” Sunday night. She believes he gave her the boot because her team’s business idea didn’t have a “wow” factor.

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>> to win a weber grill

>>> marilu 's run on all-star celebrity came to a screeching halt sunday night.

>> despite an impassioned defense on the board room she found herself on the receiving end of the dreaded two words from donald trump . you know what they are.

>> they loved the food, they didn't like the sweet, they didn't like the chess and they didn't like certain other things. and you're the project manager , marilu , you're fired. you did a great job. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> well, well, well. what were you thinking at that very moment?

>> at that very moment? well first of all, you know, what was funny is the week before, it shows you how the roller coaster of this day. i keep telling everybody , if i have to go down in a sea of flames because of chess, that's okay. we were asked to do two sweets at the barclays center . we had to do kind of -- i took king. i depart want to take, i didn't take joker. and i didn't try to take joker away from penn, because jack was contactually like joker. i had a king theme. i ordered james bond furniture at first, they didn't have that available. so i went okay, i went with kind of a throne thing. i took it way too literally. we didn't have a wow factor. roger hates kings, and he was very wow. but little john couldn't do his deejay thing.

>> since you were the leader --

>> certain things. and then penn gillette , who was on lisa's team, he brought in all of foxwoods, he brought in the foxwood talent.

>> well he's sleeping with everybody, come on. he called in a few, you know.

>> mary, do you think you should have been fired?

>> it's always on the project manager 's head, so yeah, i'm sure. i do think the guys got a little snippy on me.

>> what about trent?

>> i adore trace, i love him and he loves me. he's always like that in the board room . little air yus. we were in the tenth day of working. we were in our tenth day of worki working, i think people got tired. by that time you get into the game and it's so crazy and -- they already knew they would probably be in the final four, as long as -- they threw me out. the only reason i was upset about not getting to the final four is because i loved the idea of the interviews.

>> we had on gary busey last night.

>> that was weird.

>> that was great tv.

>> you were buseyed.

>> you were buseyed.

>> he's a character.

>> just keep watching the show.

>> he's a doll.

>> very dear.

>> that's good for marilu .

>> i've got my own radio show , i'm starting next week. i'm -- thursday night i play ashton's kutcher's love interest on "two and a half men."

>> stop it!

>> he picks up a drunk hilary duff , she's like really sloppy. he falls in love with her, grandmother. you know what, i i don't care.

>> a great role, you do it.

>> when i was on "taxi." i was 25 when i got the job. i had an 11 and a 9-year-old. you never turn down a job because of an age thing. you go and have fun with it.

>> marilu , great to see you. love you.

>> and you can catch "all-star celebrity apprentice " here on nova