TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Billy Bush ‘stunned’ by Nicki Minaj’s tweet

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood,” chat about Nicki Minaj taking to Twitter to express her frustration after an reporter called her unprofessional.

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>>> hello, everybody, it's booze-day, tuesday, it's may 7th , the year is zooming by.

>> what's better than booze-day, tuesday, kath in.

>> not much. but there'ses in in the alcohol department.

>> we've got to talk about the met ball last night.

>> freak show .

>> it's so weird. the pictures that you'll see, this is the big premiere event in new york. everyone wants to be invited. this year the theme was, punk was the theme.

>> chaos couture.

>> we want to know what you think of these individuals that we hand-picked for our program. sarah jessica parker . go. mohawk, with a mohawk and the leggings.

>> the boot.

>> like kinky boots .

>> yes.

>> now, nicole ritchie , look at the blue-gray lid.

>> not my favorite. she's just adorable. she's yong, it makes her look like her grandmother.

>> anne hathaway went completely blonde.

>> i thought she looked -- i hated the dress because it looks like a spiderweb. i thought her hair, she's got a striking face. her features are extraordinary.

>> the short hair works on her.

>> kim k. put on something that she may regret. what do you think?

>> they have not been kind to miss kim in any of the papers. but at least this time she wasn't -- she wasn't baring tons of skin. and cleavage and arms, i think she was trying.

>> what about the gloves.

>> i think they're just after her.

>> you know that makes you a target. don't you think, wearing that? a little?

>> why does kanye look miserable in every single picture.

>> miserable.

>> he does. there was video we were trying to track down in paris. kim is getting out of her car and kanye is standing there, not helping her. and then she gets out pregnant, out of the car, walks to a door and kanye is standing there and kim is standing there. it's like a standoff, who's going to open the door . she does. she opens her own door. he looks cranky.

>> people --

>> what?

>> will treat you the way you allow them. and i wish she would stand up for being treated a little differently. we don't know what's going on in that relationship. or anybody else's.

>> let's talk about another relationship.

>> hoda and blake.

>> shelton. let's talk about another relationship relationship. there's a feud a-brewin'. billy bush is here with us to clear it up.

>> you're my new hero, bush-man.

>> it's booze-day tuesday, i should only have water, because i've been traveling.

>> ever since you went to that convention in january, you've had the bloats, from what i can guess.

>> we need to tee this up, because nicki minaj and billy bush are in a full-on --

>> it's a war, it's crazy.

>> here's what's happening. let's tell a little back-story.

>> you're instigators.

>> nicki minaj was interviewed by one of the " access hollywood " reporters.

>> access hollywood , laura has been in the business for 20 years and has covered "idol" from the beginning, she's known over there, respected and liked.

>> a tiny clip, we have a terrible version, we couldn't get a clean version.

>> you lost my number?

>> here's what it looks likes.

>> i know there's a twitter comments you made today that caused quite a stir. do you have anything to say about that?

>> that question doesn't even make sense. if you want me to insinuate what you're talking about, i'm not going to.

>> some tips?

>> first of all, you want me to insinuate --

>> that's hard to understand.

>> she did that a second time. tell us, you defended your --

>> i defended laura . the twitter comments that laura was asking about and nikki is a public figure. the comments, she went after mariah carey on twitter, saying calling her insecure. why would a woman at her age be so -- this is second age reference she likes to make, my mom used to listen to your music. mariah carey is in her early 40s, making top 40 hits.

>> you make that passi iv passive-aggressive on that part. the rest is just aggressive. " american idol " has always had those adversarial relationships, but there's love underneath. paula and ryan, they love each other. that bitterness, sitting like that.

>> she dissed your dot-com girl, laura . what did you do?

>> i went on the air and i talked about it. i called her the female kanye . kanye , here's a guy who has so much talent. but this giant chip on his ould. it's just angry. and with nikki , the question i have for her is why isn't it enough to be great? really talented. give great critique as a judge, i think she's one of the best judges on there. why is that not enough. why does it have to get to the level of bitterness and ugliness. america's television show , " american idol " is the biggest television phenomenon in the history of television , in my opinion. and all of a sudden the ratings are reflecting this -- twitter battle.

>> nicki minaj tweeted this, after that little confrontation on the red carpet , she writes honestly if your day was ruined because i walked away from a question rather than discuss something negative, you nd a life, lmao.

>> what's that stand for?

>> laughing my blank off.

>> after i brought it up on the air she went after me on twitter and called me, here's it is.

>> the audacity of you to call me nasty with your one-sided journalism, that's what you people do. yes, i'm the female kanye and then the c-word.

>> there's two c-words this one was see you next tuesday. which is amazing, because no one has ever call immediate that before. i was kind of stunned for a minute like, woo, okay. i invited her on the show. i said listen why don't you come on the show and let's discuss the large chip on your shoulder. and she said, i will, i'm glad to, my people will contact you or i will be there. and i guarantee you that 99% of your -- cajones that you have now will disappear. and i said, i've got the 1% and i'll ride on them the best i can. and we'll sit down and we will -- figure out why is it that --

>> with is it coming from?

>> the anger. we all have things in our past.

>> but it's the way we deal with them. we all have stuff like that, sure.

>> i'm dealing with my daughter right now, she has these hormonal issues, she's 14 years old and i'm constantly on her. i tell her, i know you're feeling not so great. but you can't take that out on other people.

>> do you think hers is hormonal, nikki 's?

>> i don't know.

>> dealing with people, maybe it wasn't a great connection but you can't --

>> so much of us are just beyond blessed in this world, you know. and stop it. it's just not -- it's not nice behavior.

>> mariah carey , there's a report out that right now that she will, that she wasn't going to go on the air on wednesday. down to the final three, not going to go on the air because she can't take it any more.

>> mariah is going to be the professional, she will come on.

>> while you're here, can we talk about matt lauer 's dance moves ? these are so good. he was on "ellen." some of you wonder if lauer's got the moves. he kicked it up. let's watch and we're going to critique.

>> let's watch.

>> because nobody ever asks us to. [ cheers and applause ] i'm seeing something that -- wait a minute. watch this part. he's got the arms in.

>> i thought it was great.

>> i always get nervous when a man dances. especially if i hold the man in high esteem . because it's like don't ruin it, don't come out and do an elaine.

>> that's so true.

>> my moves are pretty solid. i read the woman. the man's job is to lead on the dance floor , but you must read a woman. you start careful. you're right here and you're very, very safe place and she is showing signs of that's okay. then you're step it up a little bit more.

>> we love you. we love you buddy. we love you.

>> can i borrow this desk, it's 11:00 , i'm going to be on the plaza doing an hour and our desk --

>> it looks like an autopsy table.

>> we've already discussed that.

>> what happened?

>> we're using it.

>> we have a --

>> thank you, billy.

>> thank you, ladies, i love you.

all right, we have three auction winners who happen to be with us.

>> who are they?

>> tammy ronan, lauren trough and they're standing right there.

>> in the dark as usual.

>> these three people, they were at the chris evert , she has a great charity event -- they bid money.

>> they paid $1.50.

>> thank you, ladies, thank you so much.