TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Profiler: ‘Psychological chains’ may have held captives

Former FBI profiler and analyst Clint Van Zandt speaks with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about how three kidnapped women could remain locked up in a house for a decade without being detected until recently.

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>> clint van sandt is an nbc analyst and former fbi profiler. clint , good morning to you.

>> hi, matt.

>> the thing that jumps out, i look at kristen and the neighborhood behind her, a small house, tightly packed neighborhood, and for ten years the neighbors say they never noticed anything unusual here.

>> you know, we hear these stories again and again, matt. you covered the story of jaycee duggard in california who was kept for 18 years, confined first in a backyard hut or tent and then on a house where neighbors on either side had looked over the fence and no one had necessarily done anything about it, so it's amazing how one person, much less three or four now as we're told, could have been hid in plain state in this otherwise normal residential neighborhood.

>> i mentioned you're a profiler, former fbi profiler. let's talk about the possible suspect or suspects in this case. first of all, these young girls were abducted about a year apart, august of 2002 , april of 2003 and then april of 2004 , a pattern there, but then it abruptly stops.

>> yeah. it's a pattern, and we know that authorities have arrested three men, as kristen just reported, three brothers, that are about two years apart. one lived in the house. the other two lived in that nearby community, so what they are going to have to piece together is were all three brothers responsible? did all three participate in the kidnapping? did they have access to the women? there is so much to be determined, but what we know right now is that these young women were taken out of that immediate community, matt, and why were they held for ten years? were they locked up in a basement, locked in bedrooms, or were there simply psychological chains put around these women that was stronger any steel that could have put on them? we've seen victims where their parents, their family, their brothers and sisters , their pets have been threatened to be killed if they try to escape. we still have to determine all of that in this story.

>> and you talk about the psychological chains and what awaits these young ladies now that they are free. what type of situation are they going to have to deal with in the coming weeks and months?

>> you know, it's like they have been carried away to some third or fourth world country where they were exposed to little of what was going on around them, and now they have to be reintroduced all over again to their family, to toe site. we're told there were even young children inside of the how is that may or may not be biologically related to one or more of these young women , so there is so much to be done, but, matt, this is a victory. this is a positive story. these are the stories that for you and i as parents and me as a grandparent, that scares us to death, and yet for parents whose child is still missing it gives them that one hope. maybe my child some day will come home.

>> clint van zandt on this story out of cleveland this morning, clint , thank you very much.