TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Make life easier with 12 wacky but useful products

Lifestyle expert Brit Morin shares quirky food, tech, home, and style products you’ll want to get your hands on, including a twirling spaghetti fork, a beer-holding buckle, and a cellphone charger that works with a hand crank.

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>>> how many times have you had a brilliant idea in the shower but forgot it by the time you got out, probably the genius behind these whacky products you want to get your hands on. we have some weird, but useful products.

>> this is pretty weird.

>> let's start with the spaghett zblishgs it's the dwirlg spaghetti fork. it's great for kids or lazy eaters alike. start twirling your spaghetti like this. start twirling it in midair. lot of these are for the layer humans in the world.

>>> now, musical wine glasses .

>> an unconventional spin on the wine glasses . these are crystal glasses. what happens is, i'm going to make you guys do this. put your finger in the water, hold the base of the glass and start firmly -- firmer.

>> firmer.

>> there you go. i'm hearing noise. are you hearing it?

>> you're creating music. it really, i think, we got to practice this one.

>> yeah.

>>> all right, now, if you have always wanted to cut the perfect slice of cake, you don't need a cut one at all, this is just a slice cake pan, it goes for $11, it allows you to create individual portions of cake and then put them all back together so you can frost the cake so it looks like a cake. when you're done, you can pull out a single slice and awe your guests. then set it down and then is your cake pan. just a slice.

>> you don't want to cut.

>> this one is actually useful.

>>> this is a hand phone cell phone charger. as i'm turning this, it's actually powering the charger. it's going to charge the battery on my cell phone . in times of emergency, it's great to keep in a glove compartment . when you don't have access to electricity to power your phones.

>> all right, cool.

>> 3-d printing is my new obsession. have you heard about it?

>> i have.

>> an ink jet printer moves left to right with print. the 3-d moves left and right and up and down. what's cool, a company will actually let you design your metallic silver jewelry online, all of this stuff came out of a printer. you can go to and customize a design.

>> a little piece of metal goes into the prompter.

>> and it comes out of the printer.

>>> this is where i draw the line.

>> i know you're on twitter. your plant can also be on twitter. believe it or not. this is the botanical twittering plant kit.

>> why?

>> it will tweet at you when it needs water. that's kind of useful. if you forget to water your plants sometimes.

>> really?

>> this is the same people that use the twirling spaghetti fork.

>> it can detect when there's a lack of moisture. you can does tom program what the message say and this is a desperate cry of help from your plant. i'm dying over here. okay.

>> willie, how many times have you had a brilliant idea in the shower and forgot?

>> now more bad ideas down the drain. aq aqua notes. things you need to do today. you can write messages back and forth when you're in the shower. okay, when i was little, i had paper dolls . in essence, 3-d dolls are 3-d. we did the whole cast of the "today" show. willie, al, san va that, matt. they just punch right out of this piece of paper and then you fold them up in a couple of minutes.

>> i'm going to jump ahead to the gentleman with the buckle belt.

>> this is a beer buckle. it folds down like this. it allows you to go hands-free with your beer.

>> now, we're talking. this thing plays music. this is great for kids and adults alike. get the party started and conversation going at the next event.

>> guitar shirt and beer buckle. very cool.

>> thank you. we'll consider some of them. the tweeting plant i can't do.

>>> we'll be back in a moment. this is nbc.

>>> i want to thank vanessa williams for being my co-host today. thank you for being here. for a great cause.

>> thank you so much. happy mother's day to everyone. go visit handbags from the hear