TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Eliminated ‘Idol’ contestant ‘enjoying’ new fame

Amber Holcomb, the latest competitor to be voted off “American Idol,” talks about how her life has changed since she’s been on the show, saying that at this time last year, “I was changing diapers” while working at a daycare.

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>>> last thursday night on american idol , amber was eliminated from the singing competition. reducing the mighty four to just three female finalists and amber is here with us in new york this morning. good to see you, amber.

>> good to see you, too.

>> let's talk about what happened. you had been saved the previous week, you were in the bottom two, did that put a little extra pressure on you?

>> yeah, it did. they told us we were in the bottom. they combined the votes. so, i have a disadvantage.

>> what is it like for a 19-year-old to walk out on that stage with how many people are watching? is it nerve-wracking?

>> it is. because, like a million people watching , judging you and voting. the four judges critique you also. i try to step outside for a second.

>> i heard that harry connick jr . was one of your mentors, what did you learn from him.

>> i learned from harry that you should know the meanings of song.

>> as you get a chance to stop and look back at the last year of your life, how has it changed you.

>> this time last year, i was working at a day care , changing diapers and like now i'm singing for the world. i'm in new york, i vrnt been here since i was 11. i mean, like, i'm really enjoying going everywhere.

>> what is the next move? are you going to look for a record deal?

>> you know what, not only do i want to sing, i want to act and model.

>> all sounds very familiar, vanessa.

>> you got to study. you know, obviously, harry gave you some advice about knowing the lyrics that you're going to sing, because you have to bring those words to life with the meaning. you got to do it you're willing to take the big step and go to school, educate. yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> i can see by the look on your face when you walked in and saw vanessa, a pretty good role model.