TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Chris Brown: I can’t give Rihanna ‘what she needs’

E!’s Alicia Quarles talks about the hottest headlines and hashtags in Hollywood, including Chris Brown confirming that he and Rihanna have split yet again, and Mariah Carey’s daughter appearing on Carey’s new album.

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>>> now to that's a wrap our weekly round-up of all things new and noteworthy in hollywood. a correspondent for el news. alicia.

>> hello, willie.

>> al roker is nice. but vanessa williams , you know what i mean ?

>> what is going on with chris brown and rihanna .

>> he gives an interview. more drama. according to chris brown they're off again. he gave an interview to an australian radio station saying i'm broken up. too young to be in a relationship. he just celebrated his 24th birthday in vegas. his ex-girlfriend was there. rihanna is on tour right now. so maybe she focused on the tour because she was an hour late to her new york show. people weren't happy about this.

>> is this an on again/off again incident?

>> i don't sthi she's going to walk away.

>> they are young.

>> they are young. they tweet picture together. he goes back and forth between rihanna . that necklace you see right there, he bought it for them.

>> they'll be back together.

>> what happened at the jennifer lopez video shoot. there was a shooting. she had to duck for cover.

>> she made it to the met gala last night.

>> she was shooting a music video with pit bull in ft. lauder dale, florida. she was with her boyfriend casper smart. they don't know where the gun shots came from. they were right in the middle of the video shoot.

>> she's good and safe.

>>> okay, alec baldwin , we're hear to hear about this, orphans in the category of best revial. the show is gone after two weeks. what happened?

>> this is what happens a lot on broadway . it closes very soon. may, basically. it wasn't doing well. the ticket sales were not there. what's interesting about broadway , it's not like the movies you can make it back in dvds or international sales. if you don't sell the tickets it's gone.

>> vanessa when you sign up for one of these broadway shows , you had a run through the summer, is it always touch and go?

>> place are limited. yeah, you hope that people show up.

>> that's the true theater. you buy tickets and be there in the audience. you're the ones that spot.

>> she's working eight nights a week.

>>> let's move on to our hot hash tags. new mariah album.

>> she released the single. called beautiful." her daughter is featured on one of the songs. which is really cute.

>> melanie was on my christmas album . she was probably 10. my other daughter gillian was part of a kids' group in a broadway album and she was probably 8 and my little baby who's now 13. was on my last christmas album , the song called was "december lu lullaby."

>> you set the trend. because jay-z did it with blue ivy crying in the background. mariah said her daughter wasn't even 1 yet and put together a sentence.

>> all of your daughters are bugging you for royalty checks.