TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Limo driver: ‘Horrific’ fire ‘happened so fast’

Orville Brown, the driver of the limo that caught fire over the weekend in California killing five women, talks to TODAY’s Willie Geist about the “horrific experience.”

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>> orville brown was the driver of that vehicle. he's with us exclusively.

>> hi.

>> you were able to pull two people out of the car and hee roikly so. how are you doing personally this morning?

>> i'm just looking at -- some of the victims, it's real frustrating. it's real -- it's just frustrating. depressing.

>> help us understand how all of this went down. we just heard in miguel's piece, one woman leaned forward the partition said "smoke, smoke." can you walk us through what happened?

>> once she said smoke, i thought, you know, i thought that she wanted to smoke a cigarette. i said, no, the owner doesn't allow you to smoke cigarettes. i looked at the gps directly in important from of me. it said four minutes. i said we only have four minutes you can smoke that. as soon as said that, 40 seconds. she said no, smoke, smoke. pull over, pull over. i looked back and i saw the grief, frustration on her face. i see a little smoke. i pull over. and as soon as i pull over, the lady's coming through the partition. i'm opening the door. at that point, two other people had stopped. there was one in front of us and one in back of us. they ran to the back of the car. along i believed the first lady who got out ran to the back of the car. once they opened the door, there were so many flames, everything happened so fast, it's just -- i don't know. everything happened so fast. once they opened the door, the car was completely engulfed in flames. a few other lady, one got stuck i helped pull her through. at that time, man, it was horrific.

>> was there any attempt, mr. brown, to get any of the other women out through the partition the same you got the two whose lives you saved through that window, did you try to get them out?

>> i'm not sure. because at that point, there was somebody else in the car trying to help. i'm on the phone. i couldn't -- everything happened so fast. i'm trying to use the phone. i'm shaky, nervous. it was a horrific experience.

>> mr. brown, we certainly mourn the loss of life and the families of the victims. but we're thinking of you this morning. thank you so much for being with us.