TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Zachary Quinto: New ‘Star Trek’ is ‘bigger and bolder’

The actor who plays Spock chats about filming the upcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness” and being instructed by director J. J. Abrams to keep the plot under wraps.

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>> first we'll bring in zachary quinto who is one of thetars of the new " star trek " movie that debuts very soon. mr. spock.

>> hey, man.

>> always a pleasure to see you.

>> how are you?

>> you guys are being so vague about this.

>> we have no choice.

>> nobody is telling anything about what the crew of "the enterprise" is going through.

>> by mandate of our fearless leader j.j. abrams .

>> what can you tell us?

>> i'm really excited for the movie to come out, that's for sure, and finally let people see it so i don't have to keep a lid on it anymore.

>> great. thanks for being with us. see you later .

>> come back here.

>> the first movie " star trek ," 385 million bucks worldwide, a huge haul. does this put added pressure on you the second time to live up to what the fans expect?

>> this movie is a lot bigger and a lot bolder and much more exciting to make in terms of the experience, so that's the thing that i feel connected to mostly, and all that stuff will happen, you know, beyond me.

>> and how is --

>> she's fine.

>> always like to know.

>> zachary, good luck. i think this is going to be huge.