TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Jessica Alba talks living an ‘Honest Life’

The actress and president of The Honest Company talks about her new book, “The Honest Life,” which chronicles how motherhood inspired her to embrace healthier household products and launch her own eco-friendly family products brand.

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>>> jessica alba made her movie debut nearly two decades ago. now at age of 32 in addition to acting, she's the president of the honest company and the author of a brand new book called "the honest life." she's also a mom of two girls with her husband cash warren . jessica, good to see you. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> how are you doing in.

>> i'm feeling a little rough around the edges.

>> jessica and i saw each other at this event last night.

>> yes.

>> and she said if you stay late, i'll stay late.

>> i think you may have stayed a little later than me.

>> you looked beautiful last night. do you like going to things like that?

>> thank you. the met gala is so fun. anna wintour throws the best parties.

>> was there somewhere that you looked at and said wow?

>> i mean, everyone is incredible and so fashion, and it's -- i think everyone really brings their "a" game.

>> the super bowl of people watching , no question about it.

>> absolutely fun.

>> let's talk a little bit about this bok. most people know that you're an actress and you're an advocate for eco-friendly living.

>> yeah, and i guess that's the basis for the book as well.

>> yeah. it's also about just trying to eliminate toxic chemicals from my environment, especially for my children. i wasn't sure -- i didn't even know there were toxic chemicals in like cleaning products and baby shampoos and laundry detergent . i had no idea what off-gassing was.

>> there's a story that goes i think it was with your oldest daughter.

>> yes.

>> you were washing her clothes. your mom said this is a good laundry detergent .

>> and i had an allergic reaction.

>> what were the symptoms?

>> i had hives, sneezing non-stop. my eyes were swollen and my nose was running. i mean, i had like a full-on allergy attack.

>> and so is that what caused you to say, wait, i can do a book about this and give some people some helpful advice?

>> well, it really was like i did research after this, and i'm like what is causing this, and if i'm reacting like this, how can this be safe for a newborn baby that doesn't have a strong immune system, and then as i did research and i found out there's lots of toxic chemicals hidden under fry grants that are preservatives that are hidden in all of these things in, our day-to-day life.

>> in the book you often say here is a good solution and a good suggestion and you do mention the products you make.

>> right.

>> is this a guide, a cat lag, what is it?

>> it's really like you can make stuff at home with baking soda and vinegar, so you can really do diy at home cleaning products with stuff from your kitchen cabinet , and it's stuff that actually works. or if you want to buy products, i recommend different products.

>> not only your own, by the way.

>> exactly. different products and different price points . some people like the higher price point. some people don't, so it's really like for everybody.

>> well, mother's day is this weekend. you're the mom of two little girls, i think 5 and 2, is that right?

>> yes, almost 5, almost 2.

>> what do you want for mother's day?

>> i would like to sleep in a little bit.

>> good luck.

>> that would be nice.

>> and just spending the day with my girls. i mean, every day feels like mother's day, to be honest.

>> it's great. nice seeing you