TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Beyonce, Madonna go punk for Met Gala

Celebs always go all out for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual gala, and this year celebrities such as Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Beyonce embraced the punk theme with mohawks, studs, and wild hair color and makeup. Kit Hoover of “Access Hollywood Live” reports.

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>> much. now what willie and i affectionately refer to as the super bowl of fashion.

>> it is, absolutely. the metropolitan museum of art right here in new york city last night held its costume institute gala, and kit hoover was there. the first question, kit. were there birthing outfits there last night on the red carpet ?

>> with rebirthing a cow here?

>> it's sweet, baby. got to tell you, what a great night because it's all about the fashion at the met pal but the theme was punk last night so it's neat to see what celebrities would go to the extreme. some wearing metal and some wearing big ole spikes.

>> give us that smile.

>> they call it the oscar red carpet of fashion, the metropolitan museum of art 's annual costume institute gala. this year's theme punk from chaos to couture, and there's plenty of both on this red carpet . beyonce, gwyneth, jennifer, madonna. but even these trend setting ladies had to make some pop with a little punk. step outside their couture comfort zone .

>> i hope it's not met with total disapproval, but you know how things go.

>> reporter: one person who clearly did not disapprove of the sjp style, oscar winner jennifer lawrence seen here playing with jessica's mohawk. the met gala red carpet isn't just star-studded, tonight it's all about the metal and the big ole hair. for some the punk look was a little tricky to pull off.

>> as a teenager i thought i was a bit punk, but i wasn't at the end of the day . doc martens was the beginning of the end .

>> i tried to channel my punk.

>> reporter: while others were clearly in their element.

>> my version of world's end, but i didn't want to cover up my body. i mean, for me punk is about going against the establishment.

>> reporter: and then there was jimmy fallon .

>> we start out there and go down the stairs. with ear getting thrown out right now. it's kind of embarrassing, but that's the way -- that's how punk we are, you know. punk, what's up?

>> reporter: and the punk power also got a little hair-raising.

>> tonight was so interesting, kind of let's all go craze we our air. anne hathaway going platinum blond which caused such a stir walking up the steps.

>> reporter: and causing a stir is what this gala is all about and fashion insiders say these celebs definitely pulled off the punk.

>> i mean, it's the night when everyone really pushes the fashion envelope, and they think no one failed tonight.

>> reporter: what a night there. madonna with her pants, really fun, the mohawk on sjp, the green bee of the night, for a great cause. all went to the metropolitan museum of art so a great night.

>> thanks, kit. glad you had fun.

>> i liked your studded collar.

>> safety pin through my cheek. just got it out.