TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Inside new museum celebrating ABBA

Fans of hit band ABBA can now make a pilgrimage to an interactive museum in Sweden dedicated to the clothes and catchy dance tunes of one of the world’s bestselling bands. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> simmons took a tour of the museum.

>> have you got your dance moves ready for us?

>> the dancing queen . how but?

>> you don't want to see this. a tribute to the band that moved a generation and contributed to millions of dancing queens. and now bands in sweden super group abba can make the pilgrimage to a super active museum, dedicated, yes, the clothes, catchy dance tunes, the genesis of one of the world's best-selling bands. you can dance

>> this is where i'll be, you know, walking fast with my grandchildren when they ask me about grandpa, you know. what was it like? now i can send them here.

>> reporter: but first bjorn gave me a sneak peek nostalgia tour behind the scenes as the museum was being built. i mean, this is what i expect from abba , right? big lights.

>> exactly. this is the car that we used to tour in. this is following in love

>> reporter: rise to mega stardom, and platform boots.

>> those trousers were so tight that, you know, the bus that took us from the hotel to the arena, i had to stand up.

>> reporter: this is the actual mixing desk .

>> the mixing desk .

>> reporter: the pull of the recording studio .

>> have your earphones, and you're just going to this bubble.

>> reporter: that got the most reclusive member of the band back in front of the microphonech her new album called "simply a." when you love someone

>> it's nostalgic.

>> some of those abba years were difficult?

>> oh, yeah, they were, because bjorn and i had two small children that we had to leave at home.

>> reporter: her favorite abba song. the winner takes it all

>> that was, of course, after our divorce.

>> reporter: there was.

>> there was no winner but, yes, the lyrics, of course, deep down inspired by the fact that i went through such a hard time and agnetha, too.

>> reporter: at the museum you can belt out your very own abba favorite. knowing me, knowing you

>> reporter: display your best moves here.

>> i'll be dancing on this floor, you know.

>> reporter: you'll be here?

>> yeah, but not in front of the camera. no way.

>> reporter: you can dance.

>> you can jive.

>> reporter: and no one is more surprised about this lasting success than abba .

>> we were right in front, and it was just chance really that millions around the world liked the same thing. thank you for the music, the songs i'm singing

>> reporter: thank for the music, abba , and natalie, everyone was just breaking into song here.

>> they were singing it, as you were, exactly. pretty amazing