TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus: Fans sing to us

Bjorn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, two members of ABBA, talk about the new museum in Sweden celebrating the band and say fans can’t help but sing their own songs to them.

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>> anni-frid lyngstad are reunited together people break out in songs. keir simmons .

>> wherever we go.

>> break into song, but not as good as the real thing, i might add. tell us about this incredible place that you brought here to stockholm. of course this is your baby. this allows you to relive some of the memories again.

>> it allows me to do that, but primarily it's because the city of stockholm has been asking for this for a long time, and, you know, i thought all four of us said yes to it, didn't we, because we love our city so much?

>> after some hesitation we did.

>> because it's a bit weird to build a museum of yourself.

>> what was your favorite part of creating this museum? do you have a favorite interactive display?

>> the interactive is fun, but mostly i like the story telling in it.

>> i like the nostalgic trip, like we have our own corner with all this from family and the atmosphere, you can feel like you're back in the '70s again.

>> it is reliving the '70s all over again.

>> my favorite part i think was that room right there, where you get to go in and experience what it would be like if i were the fifth abba member.

>> yeah.

>> which, you know, no worries about that. that's not going to happen.

>> that's great, isn't it?

>> it's incredible, the best karaoke experience i've ever had. i'll describe it as pretty great.

>> and you've now got it on our ipad and you can show your friends and share.

>> send it right to facebook which is a pretty cool thing as well.

>> did you do well or did you look awkward?

>> no, it was horrible. it was so bad. i mean, of course, your music is known for all the joy that you bring. there were some songs as well that brought some heartache because we know that the band members, you know, you were both couples that split up and went through a divorce, and some of that music we heard in "the winner takes it all," some of those lyrics i think resonate with others as well. is that sort of what brought, do you think, more real reality to your music?

>> i don't think so.

>> eventually it did, because you write lyrics with the time, and, of course, going through the hardship.

>> absolutely. it's fiction, of course, but it comes from somewhere inside, and from some kind of experience. obviously it does.

>> there's been talk of reunions, a lot of people wanting a reunion.

>> on the internet, i heard.

>> and i heard that you said that you would be up for it as well, frida.

>> did i? any chance of that?

>> i'm the only one who says no then.

>> you're saying no.

>> i don't think so. i think all four of us, you know, if we really think about it, no.

>> come on, see, they want it. everybody wants it. i think if we twist your arm hard enough.

>> oh, well.

>> oh, well. he's not saying no here.

>> i am, yes. adamantly.

>> okay.

>> how about you?

>> we thank you for the music, and it lives on here in this great museum.