TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

‘Voice’ contestant: ‘I’m feeling really good’

Josiah Hawley talks about his successful performance on “The Voice” Monday night, after which judge Shakira said he “rocked it” and Usher said he was “a proud coach.”

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>> well, josiah hawley is one of the singers from "the voice," last night. josiah, you have by any stretch of the imagination a great night. shakira said you rocked it, adam said you've iroved by lea and bounds, rusher said he was a proud coach so how are you feeling this morning?

>> man, i'm feeling really good, really excited. a lot of work i had to do to prepare for this round and singing a new song, not an easy song, but a big influence of mine and coming in and do the best that i could, so, yeah.

>> definitely a high degree of difficulty with that song choice, and usher is your coach, and he's really working you guys hard.

>> literally.

>> yeah. working out.

>> he's got us in the gym doing different boxing things, a lot of calisthenics and explosive training, all helps with breath control , and if you're in control of your breath then you can support the international and it will be in tube. you'll be able to have long phrases and hit the high notes. if you're not in control of your breath, just all of that is going to go bad.

>> the difference between "the voice" and other shows, these coaches really -- i mean, they coach you.

>> yeah.

>> like life coaches. how has your life changed since being coached by usher?

>> my goal has been to do music full-time. that's my goal for years, so now i'm here and i'm able to do that, you know, i'm able to have all my focus be on practicing and just growing, you know, in the field that i love and what is my passion in my heart, so it's just -- it's been just an excellent transition, and i'm super excited to be here, you know.

>> i know it's such a whirlwind. i hope you're getting a little bit of time to soak it in, but i guess you can watch it all back on tape later.