TODAY   |  May 07, 2013

Savannah explains ‘fingergate’ to Jay Leno

On “The Tonight Show,” TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie insisted to Jay Leno that she gestured to Matt with her index finger, and not her middle finger, after his crack about vacuum cleaners, and reveals the final location of TODAY’s Great American Adventure.

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>> off her trip to l.a. with a little stop "the tonight show " and miss guthrie, i understand you got a little defensive about an issue i discussed with jay last week.

>> not defenseive.

>> we talked about fingergate. do you know what i'm talking about?

>> i know what you're talking about.

>> do you want to explain that to earvin.

>> do you know who fingergate is?

>> no.

>> there was a shot during the show that matt made the remark that i've never used a vacuum during my life and then i gestured towards him.

>> using a finger.

>> index finger .

>> but the internet, social media thought that it was my middle finger .

>> let's see the photo.

>> what finger does that look like?

>> to me the facial expression says middle finger to me.

>> no, no.

>> well, yeah.

>> hand says index, face says middle.

>> let's put it this way, the most aggressive index finger you'll ever run across.

>> "today" show is going on the road. where are you going?

>> yes. we're going on a week long adventure.

>> okay.

>> we're going to hawaii . we're going to yellowstone, we're going to chicago, on the other hando and i'm announcing right now our fifth location. we'll start summer at the jersey shore .

>> oh, cool.

>> e're excited about, that and it was the index finger .

>> thank you.

>> by the way, matt, she had the whole thing written, it's on her hand, her itinerary.

>> that's embarrassing, savannah.

>> well, you know why, it's live, what if i forgot one of the cities.

>> there's five of them.

>> wow.

>> by the way, i guess i didn't scrub it off that well last night because it's still there.

>> did you shower?

>> yes, and it was -- it was a quick shower.

>> just love that magic johnson was roped into fingergate, the great magic johnson .