TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

5 swimsuit options for all body types

Style expert Jene Luciani helps make swimsuit shopping less intimidating, showing off options for women who are pregnant, just gave birth, or have generous curves.

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>>> most of us look forward to the warm beachays of summer, but most of us don't really look forward to squeezing into a bathing suit .

>> whether your belly is the problem or you've got a bigger bottom. you may not feel sexy bearing it all. here with style expert and author of "the bra book" is jenae luchiani.

>> a lot of people get overwhelmed when they step in the store looking for a bathing suit .

>> this is the time of year that all women dread. there's so many styles, so much out there. you can find something that you can really rock and be confident in.

>> we're going to talk about specific women with specific body concerns. first is michelle , she lost 32 pounds, this is her before picture.

>> come on out, michelle . let's see you.

>> rocking it.

>> so michelle is in our two-piece, like you said, she's rocking the new body. wanted to show it off. so this is actually from marshall's, for under $30.

>> a lot of flare.

>> where else can you get a swimsuit for under $30?

>> you can find the great deals and fun little elements to it and flattering for her and fun accessories, a great day at the beach. thanks, michelle , you look great.

>> christina is up next, she just had a baby.

>> yes.

>> come on out, christina.

>> she looks great.

>> after having three children, and you know, her most recent, she lost the weight and her breast size keeps shifting.

>> wait until menopause.

>> the reason i like this is they make bra-sized swimwear up to ai cup.

>> this is tankini. and she wants to wear her prescription glasses while she's running around. she didn't want to switch 0 on and off. so i found her these easy clip shades. these are so cool, i love these.

>> perfect.

>> they magnetize, you can get them on their website.

>> very cool.

>> functionability.

>> let's move on to corine . corine is pregnant with triplets.

>> brave corine .

>> doesn't she look amazing.

>> please tell us you're due soon?

>> not soon enough.

>> beautiful.

>> i chose, this was $25 at tj maxx . this swim dress, she can go in and out of the water with it doesn't have to put on a cover-up. provides lots of coverage. she has support, she feels comfortable.

>> and as she gross, the bathing suit gross.

>> so it's not uncomfortable? that feels good?

>> my belly. some other things might be uncomfortable, the three children in there.

>> can you have six feet bumping you.

>> god bless you three times over.

>> thanks, corine .

>> next up is a plus-sized woman. this woman modeling for this is anoula.

>> and so she is in a swim sexy suit from plus-size mecca proving that the one-piece doesn't have to be boring. great flattering print, she has a little cleavage, which she loves, ready to go.

>> how much is that?

>> i would say that's very cute.

>> this was about $75. on their website.

>> okay, great.

>> thank you.

>> and our final look over 50. a surprise model.

>> this is a surprise for you.

>> come on out!

>> sunny.

>> sunny!

>> you look awesome.

>> doesn't she look so good.

>> we have the same last name and we are distantly related, you guys always ask me that.

>> sunny, looking good.

>> she is in a shape and enhanced one piece from it can be worn a bunch of different ways. sunny looks amazing.

>> looking good, girl.

>> i had to put her out of stillettos. i gave her a lift with the wedge and the hat, really important, ladies, we know that sunscreen isn't enough any more. got to have the hat.

>> and the jewelry.

>> and that's awesome jewelry.

>> doesn't she look amazing?

>> she looks amazing.

>> all the ladies come on