TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

Prince Harry: Will, Kate are having a boy

Huffington Post’s Rob Shuter fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on the celebrity gossip and happenings from the weekend, including Honey Boo Boo’s parents finally saying “I do,” E!’s Twitter account getting hacked, and Prince Harry revealing that Will and Kate are having a boy.

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>>> we are back on this fun-day monday, with today's buzz and it's definitely a fun day, because rob schuter is here.

>> from royal baby news to honey boo-boo's child, and the bieber .

>> boo boo and the bieber .

>> so honey boo-boo's mother, mother june might have got marrieded yesterday. i say might, because they won't confirm this. they might have renewed their commitment to each other. but they wouldn't actually say that they got married. they've been together nine years, they met online.

>> they did?

>> nine years ago.

>> nine years ago, on line. had their children together, they never said "i do." but here they are.

>> they said "i do" a couple of times.

>> but i will.

>> the tlc cameras were there, we'll have a wedding on the show. and then this morning, they were seen driving off into the sunset on a four-wheeler.

>> of course they were.

>> she's wearing what color?

>> ha color?

>> camouflage.

>> camo looks good on a wedding day.

>> keira knightley .

>> this did happen. keira knightley did get married in the south of france. a very low-key wedding. only 11 guests, they did it in the town hall . they wanted it really low key . they drove away in a used fiat.

>> were the parents there?

>> the parents were there.

>> she wore flats.

>> her dress was recycled. she wore it in 2008 .

>> was she married before?

>> she wore it at an awards show. this beautiful white dress.

>> i find that very refreshing.

>> maybe they're actually in love and maybe it will really last.

>> it looked really, really beautiful. they went back to a chateau and had dinner with their friends.

>> what about e getting hacked.

>> he online has five million twitterers. they got hacked and there was a tweet sent out with an exclusive that justin bieber had come out as gay. e said this wasn't true. justin hasn't responded. the response was kind of nice there wasn't that much backlash and e took it down and apologized.

>> i understand why they want to hack the pentagon. why hack e?

>> they would get in more trouble hacking e, probably.

>> there's nothing to be gained from hacking e.

>> by the way --

>> no notoriety. secrets.

>> to me this was bigger than syria. please.

>> what happened with justin bieber on stage?

>> in dubai.

>> no good can come from it.

>> someone came up on stage, knocked over his piano.

>> it seems like more of the ruckus came when the guy came in.

>> his security was caught offguard.

>> security knocked over the thing.

>> everything was fine.

>> well, hoda, you can't let somebody --

>> thank god the piano didn't fall over bieber .

>> the piano looks like it was made out of papier mache .

>> excuse moi.

>> they have to be light to get them on and off the stage.

>> what did prince harry do?

>> blabber mouth harry, god love him. he rides into new york on thursday.

>> he'll be in greenwich.

>> he has a mouth on him and he's been telling people london that his brother and sister-in-law are indeed expecting a little boy . so thisecret that they've been trying to keep.

>> is that just what he thinks because she's carrying low in the front.

>> she would seen buying a blue progra pram.

>> i saw the bookmakers in britain change the bet. now if you bet on a boy, it's like the bets are half.

>> okay. reece witherspoon was sporting an atlanta police --

>> she was spotsed in l.a.x., wearing a hat supporting the atlanta police . after the incident she had in atlanta she wanted to prove she's on the police side.

>> most people agree she's handled it well and to laugh about it.

>> she's so much, she's got so much talent.