TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

David Alan Grier: I bared all for role in ‘Peeples’

In the new Tyler Perry-produced film “Peeples,” actor David Alan Grier plays a rich and stuffy federal judge who is pretty tough on his daughter’s longtime boyfriend. Alan says that he had to get nude for the film (from the chin down) and had praise for working with Kerry Washington.

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>>> tony-nominated actor, david alan grier is one of the funniest actors in hollywood and now he's starring in the brand-new comedy called " peebles ".

>> he plays a stuffy judge, head of a wealthy family who likes making his daughter's boyfriend sweat.

>> oh lord, look at you.

>> i believe it's a serious drama.

>> first of all, a few corrections --

>> oh no, already?

>> sadly, only a three-time tony nominee.

>> aw.

>> i was shocked, but -- also it's " peebles " not peoples."

>> i seaid peebles .

>> where's the wine? what happened?

>> how about you ask us questions.

>> let's talk about the dresses, do you ask each other, i'm wearing pink, marv, a floral thing?

>> i usually get the hoda report.

>> wow.

>> because, something's going wrong there.

>> and that's what miss hoda, you must refer to her as that, do not look her in the eye.

>> is it ms. or miss?

>> it's miss hoda.

>> do you back out, do you make your employees back out.

>> what is going on? don't you have a movie out called "let's talk about eoples".

>> it's about me.

>> just three times.

>> you need to go back to theater.

>> i play carrie washington's dad.

>> we saw you in a show with her.

>> i did "race" with her. we did "little man." the movie. and then we did "peoples." so she's talking about the movie and i'm like, this is amazing, i'm going to meet kerry washington 's love interest and she's like wait, wait, wait. no. no. no.

>> when the lips start to flap --

>> the head was going mmm.

>> you play the overbearing dad?

>> i do. based on all the torturous fathers i had to endure.

>> this is a tyler perry production?

>> he produced it. tina chisholm is an african-american first-time director. she wrote "drum line" and wrote the script, and had the wisdom, the forethought, the genius, to cast me, david alan grier , three-time tony nominee.

>> which i hate to bring up is a three-time loser. it's the way that you look at it

>> i love going there. i love going there. it's like people are like, weren't you sad when you lost? and i was, not really. i was just like being in the seat, you know.

>> did you know that kathie's musical was nominated for a tony.

>> carol lee carmello was nominated.

>> does she have a nominated play?

>> no.

>> she has a new dog.

>> i don't think they give tonys out for dogs.

>> you never know.

>> are we going to like "peoples" if you go to a theater near us on friday?

>> you'll love it it's very funny. kerry looks fabulous as always.

>> you know what --

>> enough with her.

>> why do you keep saying her name over and over .

>> they made me get naked for this move vie.

>> the director goes, just from the chin down. we need you naked, but this is technical.

>> was this your first nude scene ?

>> no, it wasn't, i felt like such a -- used.

>> did you feel used and abused.

>> did you feel --

>> it was really cold that night.

>> that's your excuse.

>> you look like that even on a hot summer night, don't you?

>> i uphold the myth, kathie, how dare you.

>> it makes me want to write a show for him.

>> your nephew went to the prom last night?

>> he did, he came back in one piece, we celebrate that.

>> there he is, is that his date or his mother?

>> that's his date.

>> wow!

>> go julian. he knows what he's doing.

>> she could hurt a man.

>> let's hope!

>> i close my eyes and laugh at that one.

>> you have a son?

>> of course you do.

>> we wish him well. young people .

>> david alan grier .