TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

Did Miley ‘jump the gun’ with tweet about Maxim?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about Miley Cyrus sending out a tweet saying that she is Maxim’s hottest. The only problem is the magazine hasn’t made the announcement yet. The Fourth Hour ladies also take a look at the funny “Saturday Night Live” spoof about Martha Stewart signing up for

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>>> hey, everybody, welce, welcome, it is fun-day monday, may 6th . in that sense, it's a lovely day . but we also want you to know that it's melanoma monday. hoda, i know you don't like to wear your sunscreen, but if you wear your little bracelet from now on, it might remind you. where's your pink bracelet?

>> i gave it to someone.

>> your ring?

>> i pay it forward.

>> just in time for melanoma monday. by the way --

>> you had a big weekend .

>> let's talk about charleston , south carolina . we had such fun. unbelievable. what a crazy party it was. i didn't know those people were that wild, did you?

>> but they're not wild, crazy. they're wild, fun. you know what i'm saying? they're not the kind of crazy where you go, this is not going to end well. you know it's going to end well.

>> can you read about charleston , south carolina , where we spent thursday and friday all you want. it is so much better than advertised in all the brochures, isn't it? you read about how beautiful and great it is, and you get there and you go, this is so much better than anything i've read.

>> and the food, why didn't anybody tell me it was the best food we ever had.

>> it was sick, it was disgusting we ate so much. the food was off the chain, it was so delicious.

>> we had an absolute ball. so thank you for your lovely southern hospitality .

>> why don't we just watch it again. it was a crazy crowd, you guys.

>> that hat. i love those hats.

>> so we were off a little . anyway, we did have fun. birds soaring, lord. we had a ball.

>>> from there, hoda's week was just basically beginning.

>> i did a couple of book signs, one at the morristown medical center in jersey. right ter we landed. a great bunch of people. i want to thank everybody, they bought books, we talked, we read, we signed.

>> how long was it?

>> probably around that.

>> thanks for that.

>>> and i ended up going to another little place called true grace for a book signing the next day. but, however, this saturday night, if you were home tucked in watching "snl," had you some fun. as you guys know, martha stewart has been on looking for a man.

>> mmmm.

>> she's trying it out, test-driving match. she's figured there's got to be some guys out there. "snl" decided to have a little fun.

>> how could they not? let's take a look.

>> because i want a successful man for intercourse. and i've had it before and i'd like it again.

>> helps you find someone who shares my interest. like dancing.

>> karaoke.

>> whimsical window eggs. mack roons and of course, the simple elegance of a good bang.

>> the website that knows exactly what you're looking for.

>> i want a guy who is kind.

>> contractate.

>> thoughtful.

>> rough, like a rustic burlap wedding invitation .

>> someone with calloused hands and no debt. someone who can work my body.

>> why join match?

>> because it's fun, because it's easy.

>> because i'm martha [ bleep ] stewart andky do whatever i want.

>> love is only a click away.

>> so sign up today and meet the person of your dreams.

>> oh, my gosh. that's very funny.

>> i wonder how martha feels about it.

>> we're not totally devoid of a sense of humor, you know.

>> she's got to crack up.

>> you can't set yourself up like that.

>> and they say they're bringing a couple of guys in for her on friday.

>> here at "the today show "?

>> i think so, that will be very interesting.

>> what kind of a guy, though? would you be, if you want -- i mean --

>> i don't know. it's going to be really interesting. i don't know how they're picking. there's a whole bunch of people on match and they have to narrow it down to the few that would work with maha.

>> we wish her all the best. we just want her to be happy.

>> now someone who is very happy but might have jumped the gun a little bit is little miss miley cyrus .

>> she may be, according to a tweet of her own, she may be one of the top, she may be the top hottest person on "maxim" top 100 hottest list. i know everyone is waiting patiently for the list to come out. i guess she tweeted somebody and she didn't realize it had not been made public yet. they're going to be talking about it here on the show.

>> on thursday, "maxim." she probably got a little excited.

>> her short haircut, i've noticed other young kids are getting that cut.

>> natalie maynes of the dixie chicks .

>> and charlize theron .

>> is she not with her boyfriend? is that over? what happened?

>> i don't know, i don't lie in bed thinking or worrying about it, but i do believe they're on some sort of a rest.

>> we want to wish a big happy birthday to alice . here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls

>> she's 87 today. i love her.

>> she's a darn sweet woman.

>>> and it's also imagine sharing it with george clooney .

>> look at alice .

>> look at alice . she looks good. busy with three boys of her own

>> i loved that show so much.

>> it was past me.

>> you were busy working and doing things.

>> i liked " little house on the prairie ." just because the styles were so great.

>> this is a throwback to just like the " brady bunch ." look at this look at it! quisp. if you're my ag 48, you no he what this is.

>> a lot of sugar.

>> the best cereal in the world. we used to eat salad bowles, dump it in and a ton of milk and wolf it down.

>> i've never seen it in a store.

>> joanne la marka found it in one of her stores in jersey. i don't know if they make it any more, i guess they must. we're saying how small the box looks.

>> it said it's $2.99 at a grocery store near you -- sometimes.

>> one serving.

>>> now mine is over here.

>> this, this is something that our lady here, laura, just swears by. it's called cote d 'azur air freshener . you don't want to wash your hair every day, because it strips your hair. this is something you use the second or third day to freshen it and give it a smell.

>> watch the wine.

>> stick your nose in that.

>> it's like it's nice and fresh.

>> you've been a couple of weeks now?

>> you're terrible.

>> don't do that.

>> and by the way -- do you remember we were waving at those people in charleston ? bad.

>> they liked it. they were into it.

>>> this is, it prevents odors and static, it's $22 at

>> it smells great. what's your favorite thing.

>> please remember you just went like this every time she sprayed it. this is my favorite thing, it's a mac blush, the archie collection, betty and veronica .

>> i remember them. i think it's the cutest little thing with those hearts in there i totally buy it by packaging.

>> sara, how old are you?

>> 35.

>> you still look like a child.

>> are you buying things with hearts on them?

>> bobbie loves hello kitty .

>> and she has the phone and the whole thing.

>> but we're not going to dge. and if it makes you happy, it makes us happy, little sister .

>> how is the pre-game for bobbie's wedding going.

>> poor bobbie. she's coming over to the house because all of her plans, she has no idea. i'm putting a little , i'm doing some work.

>> the wedding is at kath's house. she says she's coming today to see what has to change.

>> you know you start a project and it starts to gain and gain. it's one of those. anyway.

>> our friend, good friend, matt lauer , is going to be on "ellen" today. and matt through out to l.a. and i think on friday, he taped, he talked to jay and he talked to ellen. it will air monday. let's look the a little bit of it.

>> i hope you don't mind, i looked at some of your facebook photos, also. can i show one of them? i want to ask what's going on here.

>> you know what, that's -- that's what we do, that's kathie lee and hoda are usually in that shot. but that's just a typical morning before the show.

>> so, you do beer, they do wine? beer in the morning --

>> upside-down shots.

>> we're not the only ones. he starts at 7:00 a.m ., so there you go.

>> we have a hot dad -- look at that.

>> do you remember that?

>> i remember that.

>> you know, what do they call that again?

>> a keg stand .

>> nobody wanted to do keg stand . we were out doing the " tonight show ." i had no idea what a keg stand is. ky do a hand stand and a flip. i'll do the keg stand , what is it?

>> then you learned it was on a keg with the tap in your mouth.

>> when did that happen? we did not do that at oral roberts university . that was never one of those.

>> sara, you got our hot dads contest.

>> matt's was photo shopped, yours was real. that actually happened. moms are not the only ones being honored. our friends attivillager are holding their third annual hot dads contest. the prize is a vacation for two in the exclusive scrub island in the british virgin isnds. military dad, dads with facial hair , single dads. the winners will be announced the week before father's day. go to to enter.

>>> and we didn't quite make it this past month with everyone has a story, but we have a beautiful story for you. everyone has a moment that changes their life and it's suddenly clear in that moment nothing will be the same again

>> our winner is kathy kelm and aj kelm from moristown, her son has a rare form of epilepsy. he had five eegs, is currently on three medications, between two to ten seizures a day. and every day is unbelievable challenge for him and for his mom. he can't -- he can't play alone. they live on a railroad track . so we're going to try to help them this week. epilepsy makes it very hard for him to learn. he can't -- follow simple directions. and -- so they just broke our heart. mother's day is coming up. so this mother has three other children and so -- i mean --

>> is cassie on the phone.

>> cassie, how are you?

>> hi. i'm good.

>> good. we're looking forward to seeing you and meeting aj, how is he doing?

>> he's doing good. he's so excited to fly on a plane.

>> oh, good!

>> every day he wakes up, are we going today? are we flying today?

>> sometimes it's best to tell children right before you're leaving, you know?

>> at first he didn't understand. he kept saying i'm going to fly on a plane next year.

>> well, we're looking forward to meeting you and hopefully helping you out a littlebit, all right?

>> yes, thanks.