TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

George Lopez: After 50, ‘do everything you want to do’

Comedian George Lopez talks about his new memoir, “I’m Not Gonna Lie: And Other Lies You Tell When You Turn 50,” which takes a humorous look at reaching the big 5-0.

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>>> here is the question, is 50 the new 30? as some of us know too well with five decades behind you, everything about you changes. comedian george lopez takes a humorous look at reaching the half century mark called "i'm

not going to lie: and other lies you say when you turn 50." good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> when did you start to get worried about 50 right before the birthday?

>> 50 is the heavy number. when i was growing up 50 was old, they looked older, and in my late 40s i realized i didn't want to turn 50, i had to turn 50 but i lood at my friends who already had turned 50 and they looked like people you asked permission to go out, they looked like old family members, people you put almost in homes, guys that i went to high school with.

>> first thing you did when you turned 50?

>> i had a party in las vegas , invited all the guys i grew up with, not only do they stay in the same room, one has suspenders and a belt, all bald, no offense, al, all bald on medicine, they are in by 7:00. it was very depressing.

>> for you it's tough because the george lopez show is still in syndication so your hair is dark and you said you started to freak when you started seeing gray.

>> when i started to see gray you run into the little kids and they're the most truthful people and this kid goes you're old and the worst part i went to my wax figure and nobody thought that i was the guy in the wax figure.

>> oh, no.

>> you want me to take a picture of you and george lopez ?

>> so now you've dyed the hair but you're in shape. how is the body change after 50?

>> well, the elasticity is not the same.

>> the elasticity.

>> and then also i never realized i'd have more than 20 moisturizers so look i didn't have a green toe in my 40s, i got one now. i paint my toenails so i don't have to look at the green toe. i'd rather they all be black rather than having one green and the other natural.

>> you say it's important to not dress your age. president obama is pretty cool but the mom jeans have to go.

>> barack obama rocks the mom jeans . they're not form fitting, they're really high in the waist, but if i'm going to go, i'm going to wear maternity jeans so if i get heavier i got the panel that stretches.

>> the panel.

>> yes, a little baby on board on the back. but you alwaysant to stay current, you have kids so you want to remain, you want to remain current.

>> okay, final bit of it, what is your bit of advice if there's one thing you can impart to men and women getting ready to turn 50.

>> i would say we're all on medicine and i would say to enjoy yourself as much as you can, do everything you want to do now, and have a great time. and when the time comes for serenities or protective garments you'll be prepared, won't have any regrets.

>> the maternity jeans and depends.

>> protective garments, get a jitterbug with a giant three on it so you can call your kids.

>> george lopez , thanks. the book is "i'm not gonna lie" read an excerpt at