TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

Martha Stewart maps out a week of meals

Plan a week of your family’s dinners in advance with a little help from Martha Stewart, who demonstrates how to cook up four delicious meals, including an herb-filled omelet and pasta with green beans and salmon.

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>>> back at 52, we're mapping out your weekly meals with some help from martha stewart . recipes courtesy of "living the good long life." welcome back.

>> welcome.

>> four meals, pretty simple shopping list and you reuse a couple of ingredients which is always good.

>> the most important thing is when you're thinking about living the good long life which is the title of my new book, you have to think about the real food that you're going to serve your family and serve yourselves. and this is four simple things , one night could be a delicious omelet filled with great vegetables.

>> you like eggs for dinner, most people think of eggs for breakfast but you don't mind it for dinner which i like.

>> i like them for dinner because it's so healthy with all kinds of beautiful vegetables you n add cheddar cheese , you can add a healthy bacon, you can have tomatoes and parsley and you just make a pretty omelet and i don't know if we'll have time to finish all these beautiful things but you're doing good.

>> i love making omelets. do you ever add water to the eggs to lighten it up?

>> no. these are my eggs. all the vegetables were picked yesterday in the greenhouse where you visited.

>> i've been there and seen the hen house as well.

>> you can make a tasty am lomlet.

>> tuesday night, salmon .

>> it takes two to three minutes per side to cook a beautiful piece of salmon .

>> salmon is healthy for you. you're also adding bulgur.

>> a wheat high in protein but low fat, lots of great healthy digestive fiber and you use scallion, lemon juice , salt and. er in your bulgur and you have a delicious salad and the salmon left over is going to be made into a pasta.

>> on thursday, but let's talk about wednesday first. you go that way. i'll meet you in the middle.

>> wednesday you use the salad greens that you wash and keep, this is how i keep my salad greens .

>> how long do they stay in here?

>> three, four days.

>> without browning around the edges.

>> wash them and dry them very well, put a piece of paper towelling in a ziploc.

>> not a damp, just dry.

>> you want to exclude the water. then just grill, thinly sliced chicken breast , salt, pepper, make your salad dressing in a jar, dijon mustard , vinegar, shallot so delicious.

>> how long can you keep it in the jar?

>> if you have allot about six days is fine. and salt, pepper, and then you have a beautiful salad to rain over the top .

>> and you serve it with the crackers and hummus.

>> and the cheddar cheese left over from your omelet. look at how beautiful.

>> pretty.

>> hi.

>> tamron is here.

>> with some sprouts and radish.

>> 30 seconds left but tell me how you reuse the salmon day four.

>> here is the pasta, you can stir that up, matt, if you don't mind, add to that pasta almonds.

>> nice.

>> lemon juice , beautiful lemon zest .

>> 15 seconds, green beans .

>> parsley, green beans that you see.

>> beautiful.

>> salt and pepper .

>> and the salmon from tuesday.

>> and flake the salmon into big flakes.