TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

John Krasinski: We knew ‘Office’ was ‘special’

The actor from “The Office” discusses the final two episodes of the comedy series, which is coming to an end on May 16. He says the cast had a feeling from the second episode that the show would be a hit, and calls Jim and Pam’s relationship “real.”

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>>> we're counting down to next week's series finale of "the office." john has been there from the beginning playing jim hallpert for nine seasons.

>> good to see you.

>> we like to start a segment showing a piece of video that may make them cringe. this is from the pilot episode when you looked at that guy sitting there who comes to mind?

>> i look at that hair and i trimmed it and put it on my face, that's what i did.

>> when you were shooting that pilot, obviously the show had been a hit in the uk but did you know it had huge potential in the states?

>> the pilot episode was the british show word for word which was weird and the first original episode we did was diversity day . we looked around the room as if we were at a led zeppelin concert and we were like this is really special so something's going to happen here.

>> the character as he was written on the page, have you changed him substantially over the nine seasons?

>> no, i don't think so. i owe everything to the writers and greg daniels who created the show is a total genius, and so what they've done especially with the jim and pam relationship is always keep it real, what do real people go through rather than what is good for ratings and what would be great for drama. how do people experience relationships.

>> jim and pam to me are one of the stand-outs of the show, and is it because of what you just said that it's not this glamour couple that everybody who is in the workplace can identify with those two people?

>> i think so. i don't think jenna and i never knew, about people being involved with our characters, my relationship's just like your relationship or i want a relationship like that or oh my god, my boyfriend proposed to me in a similar way. it was just so amazing to be part of a family.

>> ever since it's been announced the show is going off the air there's been a farewell tour .

>> yes.

>> you were in scranton, pennsylvania.

>> oh my god.

>> for people who don't watch the show is where the show is set. what was it like being there?

>> bar none the most surreal experience i've been a part of. you can see it's thousands and thousands of people came, people came from brazil, people came from all over the country and all over the world and there's just nothing you can say to people who actually not only been fans of the show but kept you on the air, these are the fans that bought our show on itunes when it was free on nbc, that's a big deal .

>> congratulations and also all the opportunities you made for yourself.

>> thank you.

>> great work on that show.

>> i always loved coming here. will you hire me?

>> we will hire you but i don't think we'll have to hire you.

>> write that down?

>> special one-hour episode of "the office" thursday, 9:00, 8:00 central time .