TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

Vin Diesel: ‘Fans love action’ in ‘Fast & Furious’

The cast of “Fast & Furious 6” – Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges – chat about the latest installment in the hit action film franchise, saying “we’ve been lucky that we’ve had such a strong fan base.”

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>> with the cast of "the fast and furious " in rio de janeiro for "fast 5" and that became the highest grossing film in the franchise earning over $600 million. for the sixth installment, all roads lead to london as requesting fast and furious 6" promises to take the action to even greater heights. the fast and the furious . more than a decade of high energy action. cars. cash. racing. rivalries.

>> it don't matter if youin by an inch or a mile. winning's winning.

>> reporter: slighting up the big screen , smashing box office records , the first five films raking in $1.5 billion worldwide. hot rides, hot girls , hot locales, now revving up for a sixth time the fan favorites are all back. this time --

>> this is london , baby.

>> for their most high stakes adventure yet. and among the cast of " fast and furious 6" we have with us returning vin diel, michelle rodriguez also returning this time around, we have tyrese gibson , paul walker , jordana jordana lucer and ludacris chris bridges . we even brought your cars to be here with you today make you feel right at home. when i think you can't possibly top success with five here we go with six. what are the expectations? how far can you go?

>> i think we can go as far as the fans demand to us keep making movies . we've been lucky that we've had such a strong fan base , they love the action but they love our cast. the action wouldn't be anything without the cast, wouldn't be anything without the performances, and the dedication that the cast puts in to making these action consequences seem real and feel real and ultimately, we keep doing it because --

>> the fans the people, them.

>> yes.

>> they come wherever you are, they show up. exactly. now i understand from the last time we saw you all take off, go your separate ways after a successful heist in rio.

>> yes.

>> you start off in all different parts of the world.

>> that's right.

>> you come back together and tyrese, what brings you all back together?

>> you know what? i think the family and the bond on and off camera, you know, and to be honest, when you're working on a movie of this magnitude domestically and internationally there's nothing like feeling like you're working on something that people are anticipating, it makes you really think about the characters, think about the story and the next level. it's like imagine "fast 5" being the most successful one and following it with six, we can't go backwards, we have to go up, it's a lot of pressure but we deliver.

>> the family has expanded a bit. we see paula and giordana, you have a baby this time around. how does it change, paul?

>> for me i feel like we've earned it, we've been doing this together for a long time and i think that what we've all learned together it's not something that can be forced. i think if you were to take each one of us individually, and we just had this basic encounter on the street i don't think this would happen but we've been forced together more or less for a long time and as a result cool things have happened and i feel like this was just the next evolution of it. it was baby time, that was it.

>> and michelle, we see, i mean i don't think it's a surprise to any fans that your character comes back because we saw a glimpse of you in five.

>> that's right.

>> your character is still alive.

>> yes.

>> i'm not going to give away any more surprises but did you know when the plot lines were being written way back when that your character was going to come back?

>> it's a funny thing because me and vin have a long standing 13-year friendship since on and off screen and i found out about it by buying a ticket to go see it in paris and then when i call him up --

>> really?

>> i call up vin, dude, what's up? why is there a picture of me and when were you planning on telling me about this? he went ono tell me, well, i told you in four two years ago that this was going to happen so here we are.

>> i know the fans are excited about that, and chris, to be a part of this cast amazing but also to shoot in london during the olympics. did you guys get to take in and have some fun at the same time?

>> absolutely. i definitely attended some of the games and like you said, to be here with such a great cast, great family, just evolving and progressing every single film and i'm happy to learn, but being here in london was great for me. i have a whole new appreciation for europe, everywhere.

>> paul, really quickly i heard you went to women's beach volleyball . favorite event?

>> of course we did.

>> we all get to look forward to the action " fast and furious 6" from our sister company, universal pictures , it opens nationwide on may 24th , and you guys can't wait. tyrese you got a little dance?

>> we got the shoulders, show them a little shoulder, rock with it, come on.

>> have some fun, right? all right, there you go, i'll