TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

Martha Stewart on dating: I like PDA

After telling TODAY’s Matt Lauer she wants to find Mr. Right, Martha Stewart has made a profile. She updates on her progress, describes her dealbreakers, and reveals that among the 1,000 prospective suitors who have reached out, she will message back two.

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>>> we're back now at 8:10 with new details on martha start's attempt to meet her match online. when we sat down to talk about her book "living the good long life" she revealed she missed being in a relationship and would be willing to try online dating . so we helped martha get the wheels in motion.

>> hey, martha , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> youe having a hard time with this?

>> no, it's very time consuming.

>> right.

>> i have gardens to plant and horses to ride and all kinds of stuff to do, so it's a little time consuming but we've gotten 20,000 views i guess they call it.

>> 1,000 people expressed interest in going out with you.

>> 1,000 of these so it's a lot to read through.

>> as i sat there with you at the computer one thing stood out to me, a lot of younger men are interested in dating you.

>> yeah. but i wonder why. i mean, do they want money? do they want --

>> so you're nervous about that.

>> no, i'm not at all nervous about that because i don't have to call them, i don't have to answer them.

>> i notice you come with about five or six.

>> i've weeded 20,000 down to 1,000 down to five so far.

>> and without giving names away, what stands out about this group of five?

>> well, they're looking for -- it's more appropriate. there is a 60-year-old man looking for a 30-year-old, that's not appropriate for me because i'm not 30, also political views , you know, i have to be careful about that.

>> okay.

>> i have to, just there are pictures, pictures can lie but all of these guys look very pleasant. nice.

>> are you close to making a call here? can you pick two people to at least have coffee with?

>> there are two i could have coffee with.

>> you're going to do that today?

>> they're pushing me. matt wants me to find a match. i'm very happy that you do, too, by the way because it's nice. it's nice. and i will definitely there are two that i will call . i don't know if you call, i think you have to answer.

>> message back on . the nice thing here, is saying they've received an enormous boost in sign-ups not just men looking to date you, a lot of older women are signing up because they feel empowered by what you've decided to do.

>> i don't think it's just older women. i think someone like me in the public eye signing up for something, service like which is a responsible service, i think that it really is encouraging people to alter their lives a little bit.

>> you're going to make your calls today, we'll check in with you in a couple of days, martha , thank you, we look forward to meeting your possible matches soon.